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In September, a UFO came close to colliding with a commercial jet while it prepared to land at Leeds Bradford airport in the UK. Was it real?

Did UK residents see a real UFO at Leeds airport? See for yourself

In September, a UFO came close to colliding with a commercial jet while it prepared to land at Leeds Bradford airport in the UK. 

Arriving from Spain, the Boeing 737 plane was packed with people and about to land. Then, an unidentified flying object came just moments away from hitting it head on. The incident has since been under investigation.

In a recently released report, the situation was labeled as a “Category A” classification by Airprox. Airprox is the civil aviation authority in the UK. They monitor “near-miss” events like this one. A “Category A” is the highest risk level.

The story

The Airprox report says the “object appeared without warning and there was no time to act.”

Upon investigating the incident further, Airprox determined the UFO was less than three meters, or ten feet, away from the aircraft. They said the object could’ve been a drone. However, it’s not known for sure. They reported that the two pilots of the plane saw a bright light coming toward them.

According to the report, the pilots described the unknown object as “almost head on, slightly up and to the left.”

Once they landed, the pilots were told by Air Traffic Control there were sky lanterns flying nearby earlier in the day. However, Airprox claimed neither of the pilots believe this close-call incident was a lantern.

Similar events

A similar event happened within several days of this one. A drone was a meter away from an Easyjet Airbus taking off at Manchester Airport. This plane was carrying 186 people and was nearly hit with the drone at 8,000 feet above Greater Manchester. 

For a privately-owned drone, 8,000 feet up in the air is twenty times above the legal limit. Those types of drones are only allowed to fly up to 400 feet high. On the plane’s way to Athens, they were almost hit by the drone while going at a speed of 320 miles per hour.

Airprox reports there have been 400 near-miss events like these in the past five years.

Mundane explanations 

According to the experts, the object that had a close call with the Boeing 737 could have been a drone or a lantern. Although some facts about the incident were released, there’s still a lot that can be left up to the imagination. 

The truth about what exactly the object was isn’t known at the moment. It’s unclear if there will be a confirmation on what it was. 

Who knows? It’s possible that the UFO may have also been more than just a simple drone or lantern. If left up to conspiracy, the object could be from another planet or be sent by alien lifeforms.

It’s possible

Right now, the object still remains unidentifiable. For decades, people have been capturing unidentified flying objects on video and wondering what they could be. What if these objects need more than a simple explanation? What if many of these objects happen to hold life forms other than our own?

With cases like the event that happened at the Leeds Bradford airport, it’s impossible to tell, at least for now. Some of these incidents can be easily explained, like the one that happened at Manchester Airport.

Maybe in the near future, more details will be released about the one that happened at the Leeds Bradford airport. Until then, this UFO event remains an unexplained sighting. 

It’s important to keep your eyes peeled and pay attention to what’s in the sky. You never know if you might just happen to see one of those unidentified flying objects for yourself.

Do you think this was a UFO? Do you believe UFOs exist? Let us know in the comments!


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