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More news has come forward about Boris Johnson and funding issues. Probe into Parliament's investigation into his Caribbean vacation with us.

COVID babies are starting to pop up everywhere! But are you aware of some of the most popular odd baby names out there? Here's the official list.

Some casinos are no longer accepting credit cards. Find out which casinos they are and why they have made this change.

Do you know what's happening in Northern Ireland this week? Violent protests are causing a lot of concern. Check out what went down in Belfast.

Lockdown is nearly over and the UK is celebrating. So if you’re stuck in the UK, don’t worry, these memes should help.

A vaccine shortage in the UK? Pfizer and AstraZeneca suggest that you pump the breaks on that claim. Here's an update on the UK vaccine shortage.

Rina Sawayama is finally eligible to be nominated for the BRIT Awards & Mercury Prize. Read all about what the pop star was protesting for and why here.

Prince Harry and Meghan will not be returning to work for the Royal Family, but could Prince William and Kate be the reason why? Learn the deets here.

With three weeks of lockdown now under Britons’ belts, UK residents are growing weary & worried. Will the lockdown remain in place forever?