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Rina Sawayama is finally eligible to be nominated for the BRIT Awards & Mercury Prize. Read all about what the pop star was protesting for and why here.

Prince Harry and Meghan will not be returning to work for the Royal Family, but could Prince William and Kate be the reason why? Learn the deets here.

With three weeks of lockdown now under Britons’ belts, UK residents are growing weary & worried. Will the lockdown remain in place forever?

Google is paying publishers in the UK and various countries to utilize their content in their new news product. Here's why.

Is the UK really keeping track of the latest coronavirus variant? Check out everything the UK is doing to protect their citizens from the pandemic.

Before #Megxit, the term Brexit was coined to remove the UK from the EU once and for all! Here's the latest update.

Captain Tom Moore raised $45 million for British hospitals through his charity walks. How are the UK honoring his legacy?

Ever wanted to visit the city of Dubai? Looks like nobody will be visiting the U.A.E city anytime soon. Take a look why UK travelers were visiting Dubai.

People around the world are relieved as they finally await their turn to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Here's the UK's vaccine update.