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Why does Nicholas Rossi’s family think he’s evil? Dive into the rape rumors

Who are you, really? Confined to a wheelchair, an oxygen mask never far from reach, a man known as ‘Arthur Knight’ insists he’s the victim of mistaken identity. 

With a strained British accent, he pleads before a Scottish court that he’s an Irish-born orphan grappling with debilitating health conditions, not the man authorities claim he is: Nicholas Rossi, a 36-year-old American fugitive accused of rape and faking his own death.

Duplicitous Identities

Halfway across the world, in a smoky Rhode Island apartment, Arthur Knight’s mirror image stares back at us. David Rossi, the man’s alleged stepfather, lifts an aged photograph of a shaggy-haired teenager astride a motorcycle. Despite the absence of an oxygen mask and the leaner physique, the resemblance between the photographed youth and the court-defendant is uncanny.

David Rossi is convinced the man in court is his stepson, Nicholas Rossi, a person linked to sexual assaults in several states, including an alleged rape in Utah dating back to 2008. “The face. It’s him,” he declares with iron-clad certainty.

Unraveling the twisted narrative of Nicholas Rossi’s life, David Rossi exposes the grim reality of his upbringing. He paints a picture of his stepson that can only be described as “the devil’s spawn”. 

Not only does the stepfather offer us a glimpse into Rossi’s turbulent past, but he also insists that a childhood photo of the man taken outside a Rhode Island mental hospital in 2000 bears a striking likeness to the man currently claiming to be Arthur Knight.

The Great Escape

Long thought to be dead, Nicholas Rossi, aka Alahverdian, was believed to have succumbed to cancer in 2020, as reported by Rhode Island newspapers. Yet, authorities now speculate that Rossi manipulated the media to disseminate this false narrative, allowing him to slip under the radar and evade legal action.

 In an audacious move, Rossi allegedly fled to the UK, donned the new identity of Arthur Knight, and dodged the grip of justice.

Delving deeper into Rossi’s past, David Rossi reveals disturbing details about his stepson’s childhood. Nicholas Rossi, it seems, was no ordinary child; he was a troubled soul, an “evil” being who physically assaulted his mother and grandmother. Despite the heartbreaking fact that Nicholas’ biological father was a violent heroin addict, David Rossi shows no sympathy for his stepson’s pleas of hardship.

The stepfather is confident about the future, “He will get extradited,” he proclaims, “He’s not going to get away with this.” He dismisses the alleged health problems with a snort, “There’s nothing wrong with him.”

A Master of Disguise

Nicholas Rossi’s life story is filled with outlandish episodes, each one more bizarre than the last. From falling into his wife’s arms in an interview, seemingly unable to stand, to donning a black robe and skullcap in court, claiming to have converted to Judaism while imprisoned, it seems there’s nothing Rossi won’t do to convince the world of his innocence.

His stepfather dismisses all of this as sheer melodrama. He’s seen these antics before and scoffs at Rossi’s courtroom theatrics. He even denies the validity of Rossi’s health claims, branding them as mere tools to evade the law. “The wheelchair, the mask. It’s rubbish. There’s nothing wrong with him. Everything about him is Nicky.”

Indeed, Rossi’s prison doctor testified in court that Rossi’s wheelchair use is baffling, having observed him kicking down a door and assaulting an officer in a video. This is the real “Nicky” David Rossi wants us to see – a man capable of deceit, violence, and manipulation.

The Story Continues

Nicholas Rossi, a man born on July 11, 1987, to a ‘psychopathic’ father who terrorized his family, now stands on the world stage, trying to convince the world of his new identity. But as the court date looms, one question lingers: will the real Nicholas Rossi please stand up?

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