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Bingo has long been part of popular culture. Keep reading to learn more about bingo and a few popular TV references throughout the years.

Popular TV Shows That Produced Bingo Episodes

Bingo has long been part of popular culture. The game has been around for almost a century and has taken on several adaptations around the world. Since television is one of the most revolutionary advancements that has changed the world, it should be no surprise that there have been several televised bingo references throughout the years. 

The 1983 show Mama’s Family featured several episodes of the main character enjoying her bingo games. Fast forward and several more modern shows also have bingo references. 

Keep reading to learn more about bingo and a few popular TV references throughout the years. 

An Iconic Game

Though the TV references to bingo go back ages, the game has evolved with the times and with technology. In Mama’s Family episodes, the main character, Thelma Harper, played games at her favorite bingo hall. Today, people are more likely to play bingo for free online on their favorite website due to the convenience and accessibility it provides. Instead of meeting regulars at the bingo hall, online players join chats and participate in themed games in various lobbies. Even on these online sites, the spirit of bingo remains. 

This includes the bouncing and plunking of the ball, the variety of bingo cards, and the anticipation of the host calling numbers. Here are some iconic modern TV shows that captured these elements of bingo during major story points of their episodes. 

Better Call Saul

In Better Call Saul, Jimmy McGill is a lawyer who is scrapping and clawing to make something of himself. He’s a late bloomer starting to take life more seriously while living in his older brother’s shadow. 

The 7th episode, called “Bingo”, was named such because of a scene in which Jimmy is serving as the bingo host in a retirement home, trying to find new clients. This episode was known as a turning point for the series, and one that humanized Jimmy on his road to becoming Breaking Bad’s Saul Goodman. 

The King of Queens

The King of Queens was one of the last great sitcoms from the 90s that survived well into the 2000s. One of the main storylines of this successful show involved Carrie’s father, Arthur, being a constant and comedic thorn for Doug, and his ideas of marital bliss, peace, and hedonism. 

Arthur comes home one night announcing that he won $2,500 in a bingo game. Doug and Carrie both plot and make designs on Arthur’s winnings, largely because he’s lived rent-free and both feel they’ve suffered more than the other taking on his overbearing personality. 

Ultimately, Arthur chooses to share his money to get the household a new refrigerator, which they badly need. It’s an episode from season six and was when the show really made its mark with humor and heart. 

The Simpsons

The meme that everything in life has already happened in The Simpsons strikes again. If you had The Simpsons having a bingo episode on your bingo card, you win. 

In a 1992 episode, Lisa befriends a man at the retirement home. One of the most memorable, heartfelt, and humurous moments of the episode involves Lisa playing bingo with her new friend, Jasper. 

Bingo, Televised

It’s only fitting that one of the most popular games be featured heavily on some of our most beloved shows. The game has lasted eras, so it makes sense that the evolution has been televised throughout the years. Expect this to continue well into the streaming years – and probably beyond. 

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