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Donald Trump has given some cryptic responses to UFO queries. What’s the latest news on extraterrestrial life?

Latest news: Did Donald Trump just admit aliens are real?

Over the summer the United States government created a mandate to compile UFO investigation data, and then later created a brand new UFO task force called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, or AATIP. These moves, especially so close together, made UFO hunters and non-believers alike rather curious.

Of course, a task force like this could just as easily be attempting to identify drones or planes we’re unfamiliar with that were created by other countries . . . or the UFOs could be extraterrestrial in nature as some claim. The point of an unidentified object is you can’t know for certain.

The latest news related to both the U.S. government and UFOs is actually about President Donald Trump.

Strange answer

Over the weekend Fox News host Maria Bartiromo spoke to Donald Trump in a phone interview. The segment lasted just over thirty minutes, and the host decided to finish off the interview with what she thought was a lighter subject. She asked Trump why the AATIP was created and then asked “Are there UFOs?”

Donald Trump answered that he had “heard about that” two days ago – if he’s referring to the creation of the AATIP, then he’s being briefed awfully late, since it was created months ago now – either that or 2020’s timeline is just as jumbled for him as it is for everyone else.

His oddly vague answer, which quickly transitions into a boast about the United States military, had some wondering if he was hiding something. Namely, aliens. President Trump usually acts more skeptical on the subject of extraterrestrials in interviews. His answer of “I’ll have to look into that” also had people scratching their heads – because surely he would know if someone had told him aliens existed.

Previous answers

This isn’t the first time Trump has been asked about UFOs – every president gets the question, and the creation of a UFO task force has only increased curiosity lately. An ABC reporter asked Trump about UFOs earlier this year – specifically about Navy Pilots spotting strange objects in the sky. Trump admitted he was briefed on the subject and said, “I want them to think whatever they think.”

Perhaps a strange answer for most United States presidents, but not unusual for Trump by any means. It’s no secret that Trump’s favorite play from the politician handbook is to say as many words as possible without saying anything at all. He does eventually admit that he doesn’t “particularly” believe in UFOs himself.

Despite the fact it looks like Trump has no knowledge about UFOs, there will always be a few people who don’t just read between the lines, but will crawl between those lines and set up camp in there – whether there’s room or not.

Bad liar?

Some think Trump’s answer is a case of bad lying. A vague reply and a quick subject change are pointed to as proof. However, that’s not just Trump’s favorite way to answer a question, it’s a tactic employed by just about every politician ever. Trump loves to talk in circles and say things that can create viral clickbait.

Or he was just muddling his way through a question he didn’t have a prepared answer for, and just started saying what he thought sounded good in his head – something we’ve also seen him do time and again. The current president is notorious for veering off topic when he departs from a script.

So, while some think Trump was “threatening” aliens with the United States military, it was likely just the closest related subject he could think of the fly – he did create the Space Force after all.

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