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'The Real World' reboot drops its first trailer for the Paramount+ series. Time to learn what happens when people start getting real (again).

‘The Real World’ reboot gears up at Paramount Plus: See the new trailer

For fans of The Real World, Paramount+ is really going all in with the upcoming reunion series, The Real World Homecoming: New York. The series will see the original seven strangers, who stopped being polite and start getting real, return to their New York loft. Whether or not this is a good idea remains to be seen, but it exists, and Paramount+ is ready to capitalize on it.

A trailer was released today for The Real World Homecoming: New York that will see Becky Blasband, Andre Comeau, Heather B. Gardner, Julie Gentry, Norman Korpi, Eric Nies, and Kevin Powell come together again. They’re older, wiser, and are still carrying some old hurts back from the original 1992 series if the trailer is anything to build off of. What can we expect in the upcoming series? Here’s what you need to know. 

What we learned about The Real World Homecoming: New York

In the minute-long trailer, we learned a couple of things. One is that, apparently, the multi-million dollar loft has not changed in almost three decades. (Either that or some did some major set-dressing on it.) While the original cast is heading back to the loft, they have about 30 years of confessions to unload as well. It definitely gives the trailer a more melancholy sort of edge because of that.

As many of the stars from the first run of The Real World face down their 50s, it makes sense to look back on their dreams and ambitions of being in their late teens and early twenties. Gentry says in the trailer, “It’s 29 years later, and we’re still having the same conversations.” The group, much like in the first season, will talk (and fight) about racism, sexism, sexuality, and more. 

Nies said, “Sometimes things fall apart before they can get better.” So that bodes well for what to expect from this latest entry into The Real World

Will people watch it? 

From Star Trek to Rugrats, Paramount+ is banking on your nostalgia when checking out these shows. The Real World Homecoming: New York seems to be doing it double time. The trailer for the reality series spliced in when the group was, essentially, kids, being filmed for the original series. If it will work? That remains to be seen as The Real World ended for a good reason – the views just weren’t there.

Despite this, we won’t have nostalgia be down and out quite yet. People have done stranger things to remember feeling as they once did. Watching the adult cast of The Real World reunite? It’s something that makes sense, to say the least. Paramount+ also hopes to expand with a reboot of Road Rules and The Challenge: All Stars on deck. 

Should we watch The Real World

If you were a fan of The Real World back in the day, then go for it. We haven’t quite seen the appeal. If you wanted to see people yell at each other about real life issues, then, you know, Twitter exists now. And we have had enough of that. MTV is hoping to bring that grown demographic back to streaming with the series on Paramount+. As MTV Entertainment Group president, Chris McCarthy said of the revival:

“MTV’s ‘The Real World’ has been credited with creating the reality TV genre and was one of the first series that tackled important and yet unrepresented topics of the time, from HIV/AIDS, race, gender, orientation, and religion. With Paramount+ being the home to so many global reality hit franchises, it seems only fitting to bring back the franchise and cast that started it all.”

The Real World Homecoming: New York will hit Paramount+ on March 4. 

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