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There are a lot of pictures of Larsa Pippen with 'Too Hot to Handle' Netflix star Harry Jowsey. Here's what we know about the two.

Is Larsa Pippen dating Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle’ star Harry Jowsey?

The Kardashian sisters may have given her the boot, but Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle star Harry Jowsey enjoys the company of TV personality Larsa Pippen. 

Larsa & Harry turned heads when they were recently spotted having dinner in Beverly Hills, causing fans to wonder if the two were an item – especially because they looked quite cozy with one another.

Love is in the air

Larsa Pippen, 46, & Harry Jowsey, 23, were seen laughing together as they made their way inside the upscale Italian restaurant Il Pastaio. The restaurant is owned by the culinary dynasty of the Sicilian Drago family, and it’s known for the celebrity clientele it draws in; therefore, we can assume Larsa and Harry weren’t trying to lay low. (If they were, they did a pretty bad job at it.)

Although the dinner was in the company of friends, the abundance of people didn’t stop Larsa & Harry from flirting and sitting close to one another. 

Larsa Pippen has been a part of the reality television world for quite some time now. Thus, fans are well versed in her history in Real Housewives of Miami & Keeping Up with the Kardashians. However, Harry Jowsey entered the celebrity world only recently with his role in Too Hot to Handle.

Who exactly is Larsa Pippen’s new boo? 

Harry Jowsey was born in Australia, where his family owns a large farm. (Australian? We sure love us some Australian accents.) The 6-foot-5 hunk currently lives in Los Angeles, California – the first box checked off when becoming a celebrity. 

Harry has appeared on relationship reality shows like New Zealand’s Heartbreak Island in 2018, and Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle. (Maybe it’s his extreme good looks that made producers of these shows believe he would win hearts.) 

Harry also works with multiple brands, including Fashion Nova & ASOS, sharing sponsored posts and ads in their clothing.

Definitely too hot to handle

Netflix didn’t lie when they cast Harry Jowsey in their reality TV series Too Hot to Handle – Harry is quite an attractive man. Harry joined the series in 2019, which became a huge hit amongst fans around the world – especially among the ladies.  Many were drawn to his charm, sexy accent, and rock-hard body. (We’ll admit we too were infatuated with the Australian god.)

It was no surprise when Harry quickly found love on Too Hot to Handle. Harry & cast member Francesca Farago quickly became Too Hot to Handle’s most popular couple. In fact, the couple left the series in a romantic relationship and got engaged.

The engagement didn’t last long as Francesca confirmed during the summer that they had split up for good. Unfortunately, the two left on bad terms and haven’t had any contact since the breakup. 

During a YouTube Q&A  Francesca said, “I’m blocked on everything. Zero. Zero contact whatsoever. None. So, if that answers any more questions if we’re gonna get back together, if we’re still in contact, if we still talk, if we miss each other…it’s gonna be a hard no.” (Ouch. What happened there?)

Lady magnet

The split didn’t bother Harry as he’s been spotted out with many celebrities since. A few notable names include Stassie Karanikolaou (Kylie Jenner’s best friend) and YouTube star Tana Mongeau. (Looks like he’s been turning more heads than we thought!)

On top of Harry’s good looks, he also owns his own clothing brand called Naughty Possums, a phrase he used often on Too Hot to Handle, and one so many of us fell in love with. 


Larsa Pippen hit the jackpot with the handsome Harry Jowsey. Unfortunately she’s angered many women now that Harry isn’t on the market anymore. (Sigh!)

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