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Netflix 'The Outer Banks' has returned for its season 2. Dive in with fans of the series to see their reactions.

Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks’: How have fans reacted to this dramatic season 2?

Welcome back to the Outer Banks, everyone. The Netflix teen drama has come for its long-awaited season 2. With the return to our screens, fans are flooding social media to talk about the season. 

Is Netflix’s Outer Banks season 2 truly worth the watch? Or did the show go downhill after its excellent first season? Well, it’s time to see the best reactions about it.

Spoiler warning for Netflix’s Outer Banks season 2.



Love is the worst, but we want to believe in them!


You can. Fandom says so.

Are you sure we can’t love a fictional character? 


Not wrong



Pick your sides. Pick your sides.

Love triangles are certainly . . . something.


You’re not wrong.

Their backs probably hurt from carrying the season.



Annoying characters, they happen. Or worse, characters turn annoying.


*shakes head*

Okay, don’t have favorite children for one. Don’t make the borderline psychotic child the favorite. 


Every person with student debt is screaming at their TV

You know the economy is in the toilet. Take the gold!


Romeo and Juliet is probably not the best comparison

They win for not dying.


Good job, Outer Banks season 2!

Yes. This is what we want, Netflix.

What did you think about the Outer Banks season 2? Let us know in the comments! 

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