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When will be seeing a third season of Netflix's beloved TV show 'Outer Banks'? Check out the fans begging for more of the series.

Will Netflix release season 3 of the TV show ‘Outer Banks’ next year?

Netflix has quite the hit on its hands with its teen TV show, Outer Banks. The series follows a group of local teens (Pogues) living in the North Carolina Outer Banks. After one’s father goes missing, the teens are brought into a wild world of mystery that has left fans hooked on the TV show for two seasons. While season 3 of Outer Banks has not been given the green light, it feels like a matter of time.

Currently, we’re waiting for Netflix to give that needed okay to get more of the TV. Outer Banks fans, however, are already dreaming of season 3 of their beloved series. So let’s see how hyped everyone is online for it. 

Get it out of the way now

Definitely a smart move. Always apologize for the person you’ll be when new media comes out.

*stares off into the distance*

Yeah. Yeah, it is.


Even so, fans are desperate for it.

Where’s the TV show?

But, really, fans just need some stability.

Doesn’t it always come down to that?

Ah yes. Shipping.


Can we please have some idea of renewal, Netflix?


Watch Outer Banks. It really is a great TV show.



Renewal, please

How many quotes until Netflix renews it? 


Time to rewatch!

How much do you love Outer Banks? Do you think Netflix will renew the TV show for season 3? Let us know in the comments below. 

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