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Welcome back, BoJack! All the new and returning shows hitting Netflix in September

As summer prepares to tap out of the game for another year and hands over its championship belt to fall, we’re already looking forward to getting seriously cosy and catching up on some shows.

No offense to the sun or anything, but we’ve neglected our bingewatching needs to go and spend time soaking up some of that sweetass vitamin D. September brings the perfect opportunity to get back into the antisocial swing of things by enjoying some new shows.

Netflix has a number of new and returning original shows hitting the SVOD service in September that you’ll want to make a note of now before everyone else watches them before you and spoils all the best moments.

Here’s every new and returning Netflix Originals show that we know about hitting the service in September (and why it’s worth checking out).

Iron Fist (S2): September 7

Danny Rand (Finn Jones) is back, y’all! And this time the immortal Iron Fist looks to be a whole lot less annoying than he was in S1 – at least if his appearance in S2 of Luke Cage is anything to go by.

At the very least, we’re confident that Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) will be kicking just as much ass as usual even if Danny does continue to get on our tits in this Marvel joint.

On another plus side, it also looks as though the overall choreography for the second season has greatly improved judging from the first trailer for S2. Basically we’re willing to forgive and forget and give Iron Fist a second shot at being a knockout.

Atypical (S2): September 7

Holy shit, ladies and gentlemen – we got teary eyed just watching the new trailer for S2 of Atypical. So suffice to say we’re going to be stocking up on some sufficient snot rags (and wine) to help us wipe away all the feelings during what looks to be an emotional bingewatch.

The show stars Keir Gilchrist as a teenager on the autistic spectrum and his family (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael Rapaport, and Brigette Lundy-Paine) as they struggle to navigate various minor and major life changes.

S2 is set to shake up the show into a state of upheaval as the family deals with the fallout of Elsa and Doug’s fledgling marriage.

Cable Girls (S3): September 7

The Spanish 30s-set drama is still one of those underrated gems that we urge anyone and everyone to check out ASAP. With the imminent drop of S3 on the close horizon, now is the perfect time to play catch up.

The show follows four women working as switchboard operators who continue to keep pushing for progress and independence in their everyday lives. The show is feminist AF and most certainly worthy of a bingewatch if you haven’t already.

Ingobernable (S2): September 14

We can’t wait to dive into the next chapter of this tense Mexican political thriller after a first season that kept us on the edge of our seats from start to finish, starring Kate del Castillo as a defiant first lady of Mexico turned wanted fugitive after her husband (the divisive president) is assassinated.

The final denouement of S1 was a little obvious, but it left plenty of intrigue for us to chew on and we’re reading for our second helping now.

BoJack Horseman (S5): September 14

May as well just rip our hearts out and prep the tear ducts now because the most emotional yet hilarious animated TV show ever made is back for what is likely to be another devastating season.

After Hollyhock (Aparna Nancherla) suggested that BoJack can be her “brother” now that they both know he’s not her real father, S4 ended on one of the most uplifting notes the show has ever delivered.

So could we also be seeing a more optimistic S5 with BoJack (Will Arnett) finally getting his shit together? We’ll soon find out!

The Dragon Prince (S1): September 14

This new animated kids’ series should be an exciting prospect for anyone with kids (or relentlessly energetic tiny family members of all kinds) who continue to love Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The show hails from the same creator and centers around two princes who join forces when an assassin comes to kill them. Let’s be real about this – you’ll probably also still want to check this out even if you’re a fully fledged grownup who loves this sorta shit.

The Good Cop (S1): September 21

Based on an Israeli show of the same name, this comedic twist on police procedural shows stars Josh Groban as a law abiding detective and Tony Danza as his father – a former “naughty cop” forced to live with his son.

From the trailer the show looks a little sitcom-by-numbers, but certainly amenable enough for a weekend bingewatch.

Hilda (S1): September 21

Featuring the voice talents of Bella Ramsey, Ilan Galkoff, and Kaisa Hammarlund, this animated show based on the comic book series of the same name is intended for kids but looks like it could be great fun for anyone at any age.

The beautifully animated show follows the adventures of a blue-haired girl called Hilda as she travels to the world of Trollberg with her pet dog. It’s exactly what your Sunday hangovers have been demanding.

Maniac (S1): September 21

Cary Fukunaga’s dark comedy is one of the most highly anticipated shows of the year. As well as boasting a prestigious cast including Justin Theroux, Emma Stone, Sally Field, and Jonah Hill, the show also looks fifty shades of fucked up – in the best possible way, of course.

The story follows two clinical trial patients who forge a deep and unusual connection as they test a new psychotropic drug for a visionary (but probably batshit crazy) doctor.

The first full trailer suggests the show is as sardonic and trippy as it sounds and we’re looking forward to dropping our delicate little minds down into its rabbit hole the second it premieres.

Chef’s Table (S5): September 28

You know the score with Chef’s Table by now, right? It’s basically high class food porn served up with a human interest angle as each episode concentrates on the lives, careers, and favorite dishes of a different world renowned chef.

S5 ain’t changing that superb recipe so you’d better prepare yourself to feel incredibly hungry for food you never knew you even wanted when the show returns at the end of the month.

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