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With so many adorable 'My Little Pony' characters to choose from, how can we possibly narrow it down? Let's travel to Equestria!

Who’s your favorite ‘My Little Pony’ character? Travel to Equestria with us!

With so many adorable My Little Pony characters to choose from, how can we possibly narrow it down? My Little Pony characters make the fun animated series so enjoyable to watch for youngsters who love seeing bright colors, friendly scenarios, and magical backdrops. 

This sweet franchise mainly appeals to children but as of lately, teenagers, young adults, and older folks who consider themselves to be self-proclaimed “geeks” admit that they enjoy catching up with My Little Pony characters in every episode of the enchanting TV series. 

This franchise dates all the way back to the 1980s but the first episode of the revamped show aired in 2010. These My Little Pony characters are the best, but which one’s your favorite?

Twilight Sparkle

My Little Pony characters pretty much revolve around Twilight Sparkle since she’s the main protagonist everyone cares about. She’s a female unicorn pony who eventually becomes a full-blown princess in an episode called “Magical Mystery Cure” in the third season. 

She’s got purple fur and she’s considered the ruler of Equestria. What makes her even more special is that she’s the founder of the Council of Friendship. Being a true & loyal friend is such an important factor in this show and out of all the My Little Pony characters, Twilight Sparkle takes friendship extremely seriously.


Applejack is a female earth pony who hangs out with other My Little Pony characters throughout the course of the show. She works at a place called Sweet Apple Acres with her grandmother, older brother, younger sister, and her dog.

 Out of all the virtuous elements to represent, Applejack represents honesty. One of the most impressive things about Applejack is her high level of physical strength. She possesses a strength unlike many of the other horses located in Equestria but she wouldn’t use her athletic abilities to ever hurt anyone else.


When it comes to Pegasus ponies, Fluttershy is probably the coolest one. She’s got yellow fur and a pink mane which makes her look super girly & adorable. She’s as nice as a pony could possibly get which makes all the sense in the world since she represents the element of kindness. 

Her personality typically reflects a lot of shyness, empathy, assertiveness, and occasionally anger. She still experiences the flustered feeling of getting upset even though she’s known for being thoughtful.


It’s easy to have love & adoration for a unicorn pony like Rarity. She’s all about representing the element of generosity which means she loves to give all she can offer to those she loves. She absolutely loves beauty, being the center of attention, and showcasing her generous spirit

Her feminine charms come in handy for her quite often. Some of the jobs she’s had throughout the show include fashion designing, shopkeeping, and working as a seamstress. For a little while there, she was also a soprano singer!

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie is a fan favorite when it comes to My Little Pony characters because she’s completely pink from head to toe. Her mane is a hot pink color while the fur covering her body is pale pink. She’s an earth pony who works as a baker at the Sugar Cube Corner. She is known to be super energetic & social with her besties. Another cool fact about Pinkie Pie is she’s got incredible musical abilities.

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash represents the element of loyalty and has the power to maintain the weather in Ponyville. Whenever she can sense a rainstorm on the way, she uses her abilities to clear the skies right up. Although she can sometimes be quite mischievous, Rainbow Dash is still beloved because she exudes confidence, high self-esteem, and a fun level of competitiveness that keeps things interesting.

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