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All the celebrities we know were part of the NXIVM sex cult

What really has everyone’s attention is the fact multiple celebrities have been attached to the NXIVM cult. Here are the celebrities involved with NXIVM.

All the celebrities we know were part of the NXIVM sex cult

NXIVM, pronounced NEKS-ee-əm, was a multi-level marketing company– which is just what people call their pyramid schemes. However, many have also classified this pyramid scheme as a cult. A sex cult that branded women and forced them into sex slavery.

Despite the dark goings-on of the NXIVM cult, that isn’t what has piqued the curiosity of so many people. What really has everyone’s attention is the fact multiple celebrities have been attached to the cult. Some celebrities were a part of it and others were helping to run it. Here is a list of the celebrities who have been stated as being part of the NXIVM cult in some way.

Allison Mack

Mack was an actress, best known for her role in Smallville. The last project she worked on was the television show American Odyssey in 2015. Mack is often cited as being the second in command for the NXIVM cult, right beneath the leader Keith Raniere.

NXIVM is known for having branded a number of its members– specifically the female ones. The brands are said to have been a combination of the initials of KR and AM for Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.

While the pyramid scheme turned cult was founded in 1998, Mack wasn’t recruited until around 2010. Mack’s role in NXIVM is reported as being a recruiter for new members. After she recruited women she would blackmail the newly initiated members to coerce them to have sex with Raniere. Other members were forced to do unimportant tasks.

Mack was paid for her services in NXIVM by Raniere and is currently awaiting sentencing on the racketeering charges she pleaded guilty to.

Kristin Kreuk

Kreuk was also a star on the hit show Smallville and later worked on the CW show Beauty and the Beast. Kreuk admits she had been recruited by NXIVM at the same time as Mack.

Kreuk, however, states she had a much different experience with the group. She joined believing it was a self-help group and left in 2013. Since then Kreuk says she has had little to no contact with members of NXIVM.

The actress also went on to say she had only ever taken courses from the company, and never witnessed anything illegal or strange.

Sarah Edmondson

Edmondson is a Canadian actress best known for her supporting roles in various sci-fi cult classic TV shows including Stargate SG-1. More recently Edmondson has starred in Salvation and done voice work for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Edmondson was recruited into NXIVM in 2005, but left of her own accord in 2017. Once she did that, she began telling the world all about the organization’s deeds. The actress was deeply involved during her time in the cult, giving them thousands of dollars, climbing the ranks, and eventually opening a sect of the cult in Canada where she gained a commission from new members.

Eventually, Edmondson was recruited to a subset of the organization called DOS by most. Edmondson received the brand containing initials, which ultimately served as her wake up call. The actress went to the FBI to tell them everything, and has even shown her brand to reporters.

Edmondson now has a book titled Scarred detailing her experiences with NXIVM, the book was released in late 2019.

Nicki Clyne

Nicki Clyne is best known for her role in Battlestar Galactica and the show’s related mini-series. More notably, Clyne has been married to Allison Mack since 2017.

Clyne is now reported to be the leader of what remains of the subgroup DOS. In this position, Clyne subjects members to “drills” where she texts the women to text messages at any day or night, those who receive the message have sixty seconds to respond. If they don’t respond quickly enough Clyne subjects them to a myriad of punishments.

Grace Park

Grace Park whose most notable roles include Battlestar Galactica and the Hawaii Five-0 reboot, was also reportedly a member of NXIVM. Not much is known about her connection to the group, though. Grace left in 2017 when the cult began to be reported on by the media.

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