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Game Over, Man! Movies with less than 10% on Rotten Tomatoes

When a show or movie is rated 10% or less on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s likely a stinker. Let’s take a look at who’s made the less-than-10% club lately.

Game Over, Man! Movies with less than 10% on Rotten Tomatoes

A good way of judging whether a film or TV show is any good or not is certainly one of the internet’s most dependable uses. Rotten Tomatoes has taken over the mantle with regards to finding out whether something is decent or not, and while it’s not always accurate, when a show or movie is rated 10% or less, you know it’s likely going to be a stinker. With this in mind, let’s take a look at who’s made the less-than-10% club lately.

The producers behind 'Gotti', starring John Travolta, have chosen to buy back the film from Lionsgate Premiere. The pic will now be released in May.


John Travolta’s long-planned (and now widely-panned) biopic of the notorious New York mob boss received nothing but bad reviews. Everything from Travolta’s performance, to the script, to the editing, to pretty much absolutely everything has been slated. With a film taking this much of a panning, it could at least lead to a rise in curious viewers who just want to see how bad it is. And as long as they’re paying, what’s the problem, right?

Most comedic actors can make a successful drama, but thrillers seem to be a hard sell. Here are ten comedy actors who dared to make a thriller.

Dark Crimes

Jim Carrey (The Truman Show) and Charlotte Gainsbourg (Antichrist) might be two big-name actors who you’d think could pull a crowd all by themselves, but that didn’t happen for Dark Crimes. The film, which featured Carrey playing a “straight role”, is based on a bizarre true crime, yet none of that saved it from a mauling from the critics and fans alike.


Dominic Cooper (Preacher) starred in this film which the term “universally poor reviews” was made for. If you’re into tacky lines such as “Where’s the chopper?” and “You’ll need to take him down!” that you’ve heard a million times before, this really is the film for you!

Game Over, Man!

This stupidly named film was roundly panned, and rightly so. The whole thing looks cheap (not as cheap as some of the jokes, but bargain basement none the less) and its big-name cameo star is Shaggy. This gives a lot of ground to make references to his song “It Wasn’t Me”, which if we’re right in guessing, came out sometime in the 14th century, meaning the film is full of razor sharp, modern observations. It’s funny in a “this really isn’t funny at all and it’s kind of embarrassing to watch them try” kind of way.

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