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Dive into the hype and speculation swirling around "Damsel Netflix". Crown jewel or the next big flop? Hold on to your chesterfields, it's judgment time!

Strap in and dive deep into the 'Black Mirror: Beyond The Sea' ending enigma. Did the black mirror beyond the sea cast slick performances cloud the plot, or

Dive into the eerie world of Hunter Biden paintings, sparking fierce debates and Twitter storms. From unsettling utopias to spectral riddles, art hasn't been this macabre, or interesting,

Hit rewind on your "usher yeah" playlist as we dissect U.S. singer Usher's less than triumphant Super Bowl show. Was it a miss or a signal of evolution?

Movie stars don't always make for good movies. Revisit 'Game Over Man' and three other duds that failed at the box office.