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When will beloved 'Money Heist' return with season 5? Here are all the quotes from the cast and crew about the upcoming season.

When is ‘Money Heist’ season 5 happening? Quotes from the cast

Money Heist, we don’t go very many days without thinking about you and your eclectic gang of thieves. Part four of the series was released earlier this year and it has left viewers heartbroken, confused, and wondering what in the world will happen next since there are an awful lot of cliffhangers.

The pandemic really put a damper on production of part five since it hasn’t exactly been safe to go near other people. This has left fans across the world wondering when they’re going to get their Money Heist fix with season 5 (or as the show would call it season 3, part 5).

We’ve scrounged around on the internet for any hint of what may come with season 5, when it may be coming, and what the cast & crew have to say. Here’s what we know so far.

Álex Pina

Show creator and writer Álex Pina posted to Instagram just about a week ago with a picture of himself with a dog, while clearly at Vancouver Media offices – the company he works with to make Money Heist (also known as La Casa de Papel). He captioned the photo, “Escribiendo La Casa de Papel 5.” Or translated that would be, “Writing La Casa de Papel 5.”

So, despite the fact Netflix hasn’t officially released an announcement saying more Money Heist is on the way, this seems to imply it is. Not that this is surprising – Money Heist is one of Netflix’s biggest hits of all time. The fact Pina is writing on the show may imply the show is closer to production than fans realize, since the show writes scripts in tandem with recording.

Actor Alvaro Morte, who plays The Professor, replied to the photo with three 🙌🏻 emojis in the comments.

Pedro Alonso

While everyone knows Pedro Alonso’s character Berlin was killed in part 2 of Money Heist, he has continued to be in the show through the use of flashbacks. This is something many fans have been grateful for since, despite Berlin’s less than savory characteristics, he’s a bit of a fan favorite.

Fans have had crazy theories on how Berlin could still be alive, and how he could surely come back. Alonso in an interview said, “After Berlin died, it was funny how it was impossible for a lot of people to believe he actually died. Some still insisted that he was going to come back to life, somehow.”

This has once again led fans to believe Berlin could still be alive, and this is a hint. While we aren’t entirely convinced ourselves, Money Heist is very good at making the impossible seem plausible, so you never know. Maybe part 5 really will return Berlin back to the main storyline, instead of just relegated to flashbacks.


Álex Pina continues to be the best source for updates on Money Heist as he also recently posted an Instagram story of what appears to be a costume rack which is labeled, “Lisboa”. English speakers who watch Money Heist will know this character better as Lisbon, the police inspector turned ally & The Professor’s girlfriend.

This Instagram story is far more promising than anything so far, because this seems to imply part 5 of Money Heist may well soon be moving from pre-production to full production.

A lot of productions around the world are beginning to head back to work while adhering to new rules & regulations to keep cast and crew safe, so perhaps Money Heist is one of those.

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