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Part 4 is actually already filmed. We’re salivating at the thought, since Netflix's 'Money Heist' is some of the most gripping television produced – ever.

The heist continues: What we know about ‘Money Heist’ part 4

The international content on Netflix has exploded over the past few years. Some of the top shows everyone is watching are content produced from all across the world. You could bingewatch across the world and find something new and exciting from every country.

However, currently holding the crown for most watched international TV show is La Casa de Papel, better known as to English speakers as Money Heist. The caper thriller from Spain has blown up, and just dropped its third season on July 19th. It’s no surprise to any fan that the show was renewed for a fourth season. 

Money Heist focuses around eight robbers, led by The Professor, trying to print millions of euros at the Royal Mint of Spain in seasons one and two, and stealing the gold in the vault at the Bank of Spain in season three. 

Should you listen to Tokyo – or Berlin? Get through the holiday blues with some inspirational quotes from Netflix's breakout hit 'Money Heist'.

Money Heist breaks the events down to just a few days (with helpful and informative flashbacks to training and other moments before the main action), intensifying the stakes and allowing for more character-driven moments. 

Though the gang has transformed over the past three seasons, we’re excited for more heists from the new gang assembled in season three. No official announcement has come from Netflix as of yet, but showrunner Alex Pina says the gang’s story isn’t over yet, with more to see. 

Part 4 is actually already filmed – Netflix will be dropping it in a few short months. We’re salivating at the thought, since Money Heist is some of the most gripping television produced – ever.

For those who haven’t caught up yet on the latest season, turn away or be shot down with spoilers!

There needs to be a new manager in charge of the gold process.

With an ending like season three’s, it’s no surprise there’s more to see. Nairobi unfortunately got shot in the chest by a sniper and might be succumbing to her injuries. Dead or not, the gang will need a new person in charge of the technical aspects of this heist now.

The Professor has declared war.

The Professor is smart, but he’s also in love – his Achilles heel. After he was tricked by the police and led to believe that Raquel/Lisbon was shot by her former co-worker, The Professor does something we never thought he’d do: he declares war and triggers their Defcon 2 plan. 

The stakes have become even higher as the gang is now prepared to kill or be killed in their fight against the establishment. We’re guessing this doesn’t bode well for either side.

There will need to be a rescue attempt.

With Rio safely back in the fold, we breathed easily for all of three seconds while watching the eighth episode of Part 3. However, as soon as Lisbon failed to climb her poorly chosen tree to safety, we knew that all hell was about to break loose. 

With Lisbon now in police custody, we’re betting that a rescue attempt will need to happen. Why? Firstly, the gang always looks out for each other; secondly, The Professor loves Lisbon with all his heart; and thirdly, we’re guessing that Lisbon, as a cop gone rogue, will be subject to a special genre of police brutality.

Emotional fallout from S3E8

The big story at the end of Money Heist is The Professor deciding to kill, something he had been constantly avoiding as he held to his principles as closely as possible. Alicia tricked him into thinking Lisbon was killed, so he declared war. 

As Tokyo and Rio shot rocket-propelled grenades at a tank approaching the Bank doors, we’re guessing at least one soldier was killed. This is a mess for which the Professor may not have a backup plan. As we left the crew, Tokyo was crying on the floor dealing with the implications of what she’d just done.

Netflix's deservedly big hit 'Money Heist' will surely be continued. Here are our favorite real-life heists that are perfect fodder for the gripping show.

Part four is in the bag and ready to be released

According to word on the street, the fourth part of the saga is locked and loaded and ready to drop into our bingewatching schedule. We’re guessing those sadists at Netflix are going to drop the next part in a few months when we’re least expecting it. Based on previous streaming schedules, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Money Heist S4 added to our bingewatching schedules on December 31st.

It’ll be a while before Money Heist returns to our screens, so we’ll be rewatching the first three seasons on repeat until then, feeding into our addiction.

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