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'Money Heist' part 5 is less than two months away. Make sure you're ready by catching up on all the show's latest details with us right here.

‘Money Heist’: Could this main character face tragedy in part 5?

Money Heist has become one of the most popular shows on Netflix, and fans are dying for part 5 to finally release. Last season’s ending left a number of the show’s main characters in dangerous situations. Many are predicting that part 5 will be deadly & devastating for the main cast. The Professor, in particular, seems unlikely to survive through the series finale.

Luckily for Money Heist fans, the long wait for part 5 is nearly over. Netflix will release Volume 1 of the show’s two-part final season on September 3rd. Anyone who’s dying for a better look at what this final season will entail should pay attention to Netflix’s social media channels on August 2nd when the first trailer for Money Heist part 5 is set to debut.

Money Heist combines everything there is to love about heist films with everything there is to love about over-the-top television drama. Since the first season aired in Spain back in 2017, the series has slowly grown to be an international sensation. There’s no doubt that part 5 will be the most explosive season of the show yet. Here’s a look at what Netflix has in store for the season and whether or not the Professor will get out alive.


At the end of Money Heist part 4, all the major characters were trapped in more ways than one. The robbers, of course, are stuck inside the Bank of Spain. They’ll need to face the entire police force and the army if they want to make their way out of the bank and into freedom. Chances are their escape from the bank will consume most of the final season’s first volume.

The Professor has been organizing things since the very beginning of Money Heist. He’s usually one step ahead of everyone, but the ending of part 4 left him in a precarious situation. Sierra had discovered the Professor’s hideout, and she was holding him at gunpoint at the end of the season. Whether or not he’ll be able to escape remains to be seen, but things really aren’t looking good for the Professor in part 5.


These days show promotion is all about building as much hype as possible. Netflix released a teaser trailer advertising the upcoming full-length trailer for Money Heist part 5. The teaser is bereft of content, but it did pull in the attention Netflix was likely hoping for.

Nothing new is revealed in the teaser, but fans did get a look at how the Professor is doing after the show’s absence. In short: not well. He’s chained & trapped, and Netflix’s caption on the trailer didn’t leave much room for optimism. They wrote, “Checkmate, Professor?”

Enduring the wait

This could be the end for the Professor. On the other hand, he might find some crafty & devious means of escape at the last minute. Fans have a little over a month to wait before they can binge their way through the entire first volume of part 5. Compared to the entire past year, a month isn’t a long time, but it’s going to feel like forever.

As some small consolation, Netflix is releasing a full-length trailer for Money Heist part 5. The trailer will premiere next Tuesday, August 2nd, and it will hopefully give a few more details on the Professor’s situation and an update on how the robbers are faring inside the Bank of Spain.

This season of Money Heist is going to be a big one, and you won’t want to miss a second of it. Make sure to tune into Netflix on September 3rd, when the first volume drops.

Are you excited for Money Heist part 5? Who do you think will get out alive? Let us know in the comments!

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