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Missing 'WandaVision' and can't wait for 'Falcon and the Winter Soldier'? Check out these non-MCU Marvel TV shows on Netflix and Disney+.

Missing ‘WandaVision’? Unleash your inner hero with these Marvel TV shows

For some, WandaVision was our introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). At the same time, others might only be familiar with the movies. However, despite WandaVision as the only MCU TV show, there are plenty of Marvel TV shows to watch and discover. Yes, they won’t connect to the greater MCU, but it doesn’t mean they’re not good. 

Whether you’re discovering them for the first time or looking to get back into them, there are plenty of Marvel TV shows to watch. Filling the hole left behind by WandaVision and waiting for Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the rest of the MCU TV show isn’t easy. 

You could spend that time rewatching the entire MCU – however, there is more to explore. Luckily Disney+ makes it easy. Here are the best shows to watch after WandaVision. 

Agent Carter

If you’re looking for another badass woman to add to your Marvel TV watch list, check out Agent Carter. Agent Peggy Carter is a lot more than the love interest of Captain America or Steve Rogers. 

Despite leading the way during Captain America: The First Avenger, she’s relegated to a desk job when the men return from World War 2. The spy thriller is great and reinforces how strong she is. It’s a shame it only got two seasons. 

However, Agent Carter is the only former Marvel Netflix or ABC show to make the jump to Disney+. Maybe in the future, we’ll see more of her in a new film or a continuation of the show with a new plotline. The fan-based petitioned ABC to renew Agent Carter after they canceled it. 

Who knows? It would be interesting to see what Captain America does when he goes back in time after Avengers: Infinity War. We know the first episode of the What If..? series will tackle “what if” Carter became a super soldier instead of Stever Rogers, with Hayley Atwell reprising her role. Maybe it’s a sign there is more to come from her.

Marvel Spider-Man (the 1990s) 

There are plenty of Spider-Man cartoons to choose from on Disney+. However, none are more iconic than the ones from the 1990s & 1980s. However, the 1990’s one takes the cake. If you’re looking for a show with some of the lore fans have been talking about with WandaVision, then this one’s for you. 

One of the great things about this Spider-Man TV show is that it has thirteen-episode season arcs, much like the comics. In “The Sins of the Fathers” season, many iconic Spider-Man villains & Marvel superheroes join the show. Dormammu, which was highly speculated for WandaVision, is in this particular season. Then Dr. Strange, Daredevil, and Tony Stark also make appearances to help Spider-Man. 

Besides this season, other famous Marvel characters make appearances: Morbius is sprinkled throughout the show, the X-Man and Blade. Dr. Doom, Red Skull, and the Insidious Six are in a season. Avengers like Iron Man and Captain America also show up. 

It might not be the lore the MCU is pulling from, but if you want to know more from one of Marvel’s most iconic characters, it’s worth a watch. All sixty-five episodes are on Disney+ and a fantastic way to relive those Saturday morning cartoons. 


The Marvel Studios Legends series is nothing more than a few shorts explaining what’s happened to the characters in the MCU so far before watching them in their respective shows. They’re basically montages of clips from the MCU. However, they show the strength and origins of the characters in the MCU. If you haven’t seen all the Marvel movies, it might be the place to start before watching further Marvel TV shows. 

So far, there are episodes dedicated to Wanda & Vision for WandaVision and for Falcon and the Winter Soldier for Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Come on Marvel, get a little more creative with your show names. However, more should be on the way soon as there will certainly be ones for Loki & Hawkeye ahead of their respective self-titled shows.  

Jessica Jones

The Jessica Jones Netflix Marvel TV series is another showcase of one of the many badass women in the Marvel universe. It’s a lot darker for the MCU, but it still deals with a lot of the same issues as WandaVison. 

Both shows feature very powerful women who deal with their traumatic past. In Wanda’s case, it’s the loss of her family and the people she’s loved. For Jessica Jones, it’s rape and abuse. 

The heavy subject matter makes Jessica Jones not appropriate for younger audiences, but it’s one of the highlights of the Netflix Marvel collection. If you’ve never seen it, give it a watch while it’s still on Netflix.

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