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Is Marvel really trying to make Sylvie/Loki a thing on 'Loki'? Laugh through Twitter's reaction at the latest TV show romance(?).

‘Loki’: Why are fans offended by this Marvel TV show now?

Loki released its fourth episode “Nexus Event” yesterday. With it, there were some revelations, some deaths(?), and more twists & turns from a show that really wants you to think how clever it is. The Marvel TV series, however, threw in some vibes that had fans side-eyeing hard. It’s not a full-blown controversy, but, well, it definitely takes the concept of self-love to another level.

Minor spoiler warning, but there were some heavily romantic vibes between Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and his female counterpart Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino). It certainly looked like they were feeling some feelings for each other, which was, well, a vibe. While we could just write it off, many fans of the Marvel TV show were feeling a bit offended by the vibes. 

Let’s take a look to see how fans are feeling about this on Twitter.


No this makes sense

Bless him, but this is pretty in character for Loki, especially 2012 Loki.


Even so . . . 

Still weird though! 



It’s supposed to be platonic, right? 



Excuse you, Marvel. It’s clearly Loki/Mobius hours up in here.


Weird but okay

It’s narcissistic AF, but, like, Sophia Di Martino.


Dropped the ball in ending Pride! 

C’mon, Marvel! Commit!


Hmmm . . .

Okay, well, maybe Tom Hiddleston has cleared things up.


It really is in his character

Seriously, though, this is honestly pretty funny.


Plot twist! 

Maybe that TVA agent was actually the Loki fandom.


The metaphor did come into play

Behold, the real imaginary dagger.

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