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Dying to know if Marvel's latest series 'What If...?' would be worth a bingewatch? Dive into the fan reactions for the TV show to see.

Is Marvel’s new TV show ‘What If…?’ worth the bingewatch?

Real talk, people. You’re on the internet. There’s a chance that you’ve read fanfiction at least once in your life. Well, DC Comics & Marvel have their own sort “special” fanfiction that are not fanfiction. They’re the Elseworlds and What If comics, which explore different questions & ripple effects throughout the universes. Like, for example, what if Batman was set in the 19th century or what if Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four?

With the newest MCU TV show released, Marvel’s What If…? gets to explore these various questions by showcasing these alternate universes. From “what if Peggy Carter got the super soldier serum” to “what if the superheroes were turned into zombies?”, the lone animated MCU series has a lot of potential for fans to enjoy. In fact, the Marvel TV show was the first to get a second season.

But is it worth the watch? Let’s take a look at the fan reactions to see for the first episode. It’s Captain Carter time, y’all! 



Endgame wishes it was this good.



All of the parallels!


*grabby hands*

It’s an excellent 30 minutes, but we want mooooore.


Good for him

Good for Bucky living his Disney Prince dreams.


Let comic book shows be weird!

Listen, Marvel fans are feral for the weird stuff.



Seriously, we’re so curious to see alllll the callbacks & parallels here.


Each episode is going to be different though!

We’re just living with one episode. What about the other nine? 


*chef’s kiss*



Yay! References!

This is the whole of the Marvel fandom during this series.


The next episode . . .


Are you enjoying the newest Marvel TV Show? Would you like to see Captain Carter appear in What If…? season 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below! 

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