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If you're a fan of movies like 'Star Trek: Into Darkness', then you're probably a nerd in love! Here are some places in Iceland to get married.

Where to Get Married in Iceland if You’re a Film Buff

Are you a movie buff planning to get married soon? Do you want to plan a destination wedding but aren’t sure where to host it? You could do something mainstream or something different–like have your wedding and honeymoon in Iceland.

First off, let’s dispel a common myth. No, Iceland isn’t bone-chillingly cold year-round. In fact, the weather in Reykjavik, Iceland averages between 33 degrees and 35 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and about 54 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

One of the reasons to have a destination wedding in Iceland, if you are a film buff, is that it’s the perfect location to host your wedding and spend your honeymoon. Considering that so many iconic movies and films have been filmed in the country, you can appreciate that Iceland can be the perfect place to exchange nuptials and take photos that commemorate the event.

married in iceland

Keep reading to learn about five movies and TV programs filmed in Iceland. You’ll also see how an Iceland wedding planner can help you find the perfect spots for your big day.

married in iceland

1. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, a fantasy drama television series, has a cult following. It lasted for 73 episodes over eight seasons. Some of the episodes were filmed in, you guessed it, Iceland. Thingvellir National Park, which has always attracted tourists, is one location where scenes for the popular program were shot. Grjotagja Cave is another location of interest. If you remember the cave encounter involving Ygritte and Jon Snow, you can envision Grjotagja Cave. It will make a unique spot to take some wedding photos.

married in iceland

2. Star Wars

Are you a Star Wars fan? If you’d like the force to be with you and your significant other on your wedding day, honeymoon, and beyond, why not include Myrdalssandur on your itinerary? Myrdalssandur‘s black sand beaches are featured in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The Krafla Volcano serves as the Starkiller Base in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You don’t have to limit your geeking out to a comic book convention such as Comic-Con.

married in iceland

3. Star Trek

Which film franchise is better–Star Trek or Star Wars? For many sci-fi fans, that’s a trick question since both franchises are epic. In Star Trek: Into Darkness, the crew aboard the Enterprise faces an intergalactic terrorist. When watching the movie, you’ll see picturesque views of Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach. It’s the perfect place for any Trekkie to visit while in Iceland.

married in iceland

4. James Bond

It’s been said that there’s no such thing as a bad James Bond movie — there are just some that are better than others. If you’re a sucker for James Bond flicks, you’ll want to visit locations that were incorporated into the James Bond Universe. John Glen’s A View to Kill in 1985, for instance, includes landscapes from Iceland and the Glacial Lagoon. And another James Bond flick, Die Another Day, also features the Glacial Lagoon.

married in iceland

5. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

The 2001 film starring Angelina Jolie features scenes in Iceland. From the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon to the Vatnajokull Glacier, Icelandic landscapes are prominent in the movie.

If you’re getting married and are interested in planning a destination wedding in Iceland, you’ll love it. But if you’re also a movie buff, you’ll love Iceland even more since there are so many great places to plan a wedding and take wedding photos.

It’s best to get some help from a wedding planner in the country to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. The wedding planner knows about all the other sites of interest in the country and will be able to offer tips too.

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