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It's official! 'Lucifer' is getting another season. See how fans are celebrating the surprise return of this beloved Netflix show with memes!

‘Lucifer’: Will the creators show more Deckerstar in season 6?

If there’s one thing about the show Lucifer that fans love, it’s Deckerstar. The ship is one of the most popular in current pop culture as, season after season, the Devil himself and his favorite Detective solve crimes while being absolutely adorable. 

Even though season 5B of the show Lucifer has just recently aired, fans are already thirsty for more Deckerstar content. Fan theories abound, the possibility of a pregnancy and parenthood being the biggest to circulate the internet. 

Of course, Twitter is buzzing with the best moments so far as well as what’s to come for Deckerstar on the show Lucifer’s sixth season. We popped over to Lux while searching the threads to find the best reactions to Deckerstar. Get ready to be arrested in these amazing moments and reactions to the show Lucifer’s top ship, Deckerstar. 

More piano kisses

If that happens, the internet will explode, we know it. 

Hand holding 

Please! The last one was too cute!

Look of love 

Find someone who will look at you like that! 


We’re not sure how we’d feel about that, Chloe’s already suffered enough . . . . 

Soft eyes 

Too cute! We can’t! 

Adorable dorks 

They really are relationship goals

Power shot 

Every other power couple can go home after that! 

Hard day 

They are the comfort ship, period! 

Little touches

These moments always make us swoon! We hope there are more of them in season 6! 

Family time 

*Crossing our fingers for this to happen in season 6*. 

What do you hope to see from Deckerstar in season 6 of Lucifer? Drop them below in the comments before the angels come back for round 2! 

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