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Happy birthday to Kirsten Stewart! Celebrate the actress's 31st birthday by looking at some of her best remembered roles from 'Twilight' to 'Lizzie'.

Happy birthday Kristen Stewart: Rewatch ‘Twilight’ and more iconic roles

Happy birthday to Kristen Stewart! That’s right. Today, the beloved actress turns 31-years-old. While Stewart continues to slay the game, any birthday of a moderately famous actor means talking about their career accomplishments. (And, in Kristen Stewart’s case, we’re also going to be talking about Twilight—burn!) We’ve seen Stewart’s career grow over the years to something to be proud of.

If you’re thinking of celebrating Kristen Stewart’s birthday without things devolving into a Twilight marathon, then we have some recommendations for you on what you should watch from the actress. Let’s dive into Kristen Stewart’s most iconic roles, shall we? 

Twilight saga

The Twilight saga will always be associated with Kristen Stewart. You can never get away from such a big role. It will dog your steps forever. Is the Twilight franchise a cinematic masterpiece? No. Of course not. They are, however, hilarious in hindsight, especially if you have some friends to a) heckle with and b) get drunk af with to watch the movies. 

While things have aged poorly from the books and films, the Twilight franchise itself is experiencing something of a renaissance. In that people are just taking the property and doing whatever they like with it. Death of the author full speed ahead. Who is she? We don’t know her. Honestly, if you look at Twilight as a B-movie with a huge budget, then you’ll probably enjoy it more.

Or, of course, you can watch knowing how miserable Robert Pattinson was on it. That’s fun too. Either way, Bella Swan is always going to be linked to Kristen Stewart. So you might as well get some booze and enjoy yourself.

Charlie’s Angels

Want to see a film version of Kristen Stewart that makes you at least 15% gayer by watching it? The reboot version of Charlie’s Angels that crashed & burned hard is right up you alley. Again, is it a perfect film? No. But it’s definitely a lot of fun and Kristen Stewart is clearly having a ball as Sabine Wilson. Sometimes, isn’t it enough to know that the people on set are having fun?

Yes. Yes, it is. Honestly, Kristen Stewart’s performance in Charlie’s Angels is considered to be the best thing about the reboot movie. We may never see a sequel for it, but we might as well enjoy what we did get from it, you know? Seriously, it’s a joy to watch. Anyone who says Kristen Stewart is an emotionless actor is wrong. 


If you’re a true crime lover, then chances are that you’ve heard about the Lizzie Borden case. Where it is believed that she murdered both her father & stepmother with an axe before being acquitted of the crimes at trial. Whether or not Lizzie actually committed the crimes is not up for debate here. In Lizzie, we focus on Lizzie Borden (Chloe Sevigny) in the lead-up to the murders and trial.

Kristen Stewart enters the picture as Bridget “Maggie” Sullivan, the Borden family housekeeper. As the film posits, she was also the lover to Lizzie Borden. (Is this true? History says . . . “IDK, bro.”) Either way, Sevigny & Stewart are great in the movie, but they really shine when they have the chance to share the screen together. 

Happiest Season

Happiest Season was definitely a bit more of a bummer than we were expecting from what trailers sold as a fun lesbian romcom. Either way, Kristen Stewart is great in it. Sure, the weather may be a lot warmer in April than at Christmas time. But there is no year limit on seeing Kristen Stewart in a suit, you know? That’s just a rule of life, our dearest readers.

Though, honestly, we’re wishing that she ended up with Aubrey Plaza’s character with every single rewatch of Happiest Season

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