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Do you have heart eyes for Kristen Stewart? Here's a wishlist of all of the movies we desperately hope to see her kick butt in.

Casting K-Stew: All the movies Kristen Stewart would slay in

Today we revisit our wish-fulfillment piece about our fave Hollywood gender-bender, Kristen Stewart, and the many roles we wanted to see her in.Longtime fans of the star are always awaiting new casting announcements or rumors concerning ya girl Kristen Stewart.

After the LGBTQ holiday hit Happiest Season, the phenomenally talented actor is at the top of her game and is very much in demand (at least by us.) As her stardom continues to get brighter, we continue to ponder about roles we think she could be absolutely perfect for and look forward to those that she’s already been cast in.

Here’s our roundup of all the recent K-Stew casting rumors you need to know about – and our own wishlist of projects in which we think Stewart would slay.

A Life in Men (confirmed)

According to SpoilerTV, Stewart will reportedly star opposite Riley Keough (American Honey) in this adaptation of Gina Frangello’s book of the same name. Produced by Charlize Theron, the upcoming series has been put in development by Netflix.

The story follows a fractured female friendship and the sexual and emotional awakening of a young woman as she travels to Europe in a bid to better understand the final days of her late best friend.

Charlie’s Angels sequel (wishlist)

The 2019 release of the Charlie’s Angels reboot from Elizabeth Banks whipped K-Stew fans into a frenzy of excitement. Ya girl plays Sabina Wilson, one of the iconic Angels beside Naomi Scott (The 33) and British actor Ella Balinska (Hunted) to complete the ass-kicking trio.

While the movie was a box-office flop, making a sequel unlikely, we’re hoping the series with continue. Kristen Stewart quite literally slayed in Charlie’s Angels, so we’d be unbelievably hyped to see her in action once again.

Batgirl (rumored)

About a year ago, the internet went into a near complete meltdown at the rumor that Warner Bros. is reportedly looking to cast a “Kristen Stewart prototype” to play BatgirlThe suggestion came courtesy of Twitter user DanielRPK, who has reported a number of DC-related rumors (not all have turned out to be true).

Note: We’re not referring to The CW’s Batwoman, which is an entirely different character previously played by Ruby Rose. Batgirl is a forthcoming Marvel movie mentioned many years ago.

The Batgirl movie is still in its very early stages, with Christina Hodson (Bumblebee) currently developing the script for it. However, we truly believe Stewart could kill in the role of Batgirl and could bring some much needed prestige & charisma to the currently fledgling DCEU.

House of Leaves (wishlist)

We have no idea why we’re so hellbent on this idea, particularly as nobody seems eager to touch Mark Z. Danielewski’s potentially unfilmable meta-horror masterpiece (despite there being a pilot script). Regardless, we can’t get the idea of Stewart being part of a TV adaptation out of our heads.

While we think Stewart would be spectacular in the role of Karen Green (the former fashion model and long-suffering partner of Will Navidson), we’re also open to her depicting maddening protagonist Johnny Truant.

Stewart has long proposed she’s comfortable with playing a male role “because of the flexibility inherent to gender”, but we’d also be intrigued with the character simply being adapted as an androgynous or gender flipped version of Danielewski’s original character. More than anything else, the role would give Stewart’s talent plenty of space to roam and open her up to the sort of obsessive, dirty, and horrific lead role uncommonly offered to women.

The Chronology of Water (confirmed, kinda)

In May 2018 during an interview with the Cannes Film Festival, Stewart excitedly disclosed that her first feature-length directorial effort will be an adaptation of the Lidia Yuknavitch 2011 memoir. Stewart stated she was “going to write the best fucking female role” for the film, one that she wants “so badly but that I’m not going to play.” The multitalented star also suggested she’d be filming The Chronology of Water in the summer of 2018, but we haven’t heard any updates on the production yet.

Regardless, the bisexual coming-of-age drama is one that we’d still love to see her star in. If not in the lead role, then at the very least in a supporting capacity – just so she can round out her triple threat of talent in one film: Acting, directing, and writing.

The L Word (wishlist)

We’re not suggesting Stewart should have a recurring role in Showtime’s revival of the classic lesbian drama from writer-director Marja-Lewis Ryan. We simply think that as one of Hollywood’s most gender disruptive stars (and biggest talents), she’d be an incredible addition as a guest star – at least for a hot standout arc delivered over several episodes.

Zombieland 3 (wishlist)

Look, we just want a brief, fun reunion between Stewart and her Adventureland & American Ultra co-star Jesse Eisenberg. Zombieland: Double Tap may have come out without our girl Kristen Stewart, but we can continue to dream that they’ll be reunited in Zombieland 3, if that movie actually happens (it’s apparently not off the table.)

Plus, as seen from her stint hosting Saturday Night Live, Stewart has some great comedy skills that barely ever get used. We’d love to see her show up in a surprise cameo of some nature in the upcoming sequel to the much loved 2009 horror comedy.

Some kind of Patti Smith biopic (wishlist)

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2012, the godmother of punk herself gave her blessing to the idea of Stewart depicting her in a movie. In particular, she highlighted that Robert Pattinson and Stewart would be great options to play herself and Robert Mapplethorpe in an adaptation of her youthful punk memoir Just Kids.

“The very first time I saw Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson together, when they were younger . . . I thought, ‘Those kids could have easily played us when they were first starting’ . . . Kristen has a very special quality. She’s not conventionally beautiful but she’s charismatic.” A biopic of any stage of Smith’s life is still something that hasn’t been explored on screen, but is one that we’d kill to see and we think Stewart (along with Toni Collette for Smith’s later years) would be perfect in the role.

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