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It seems like every other week at the moment there’s a new casting announcement or rumor concerning ya girl Kristen Stewart. The phenomenally talented actor is at the

It sounds like Greta Gerwig is following up the success of her coming-of-age movie 'Lady Bird' with an adaptation of one of the most beloved coming-of-age stories ever

We’ve compiled a list of the Oscar nominated scripts available to download from the 2018 lineup so that any of you budding script writers out there can take

The indie comic world is filled with film and TV potential. Hopefully, filmmakers will see the potential and deliver us some magic. Here are ten indie comics we’d

In light of the many conversations discussing women in the entertainment industry, here are ten fierce female filmmakers we’d love to see making their own big-budget films.

While we could easily write an entire essay that would outwit the suckers who’ve been posting such vitriol to Tran, instead we’re going to turn this Millennium Falcon

Prepare to scare all your elders by throwing some devil horns into the air and listening to records on reverse because Hulu is developing a show called 'Demons'.

f you’re looking for something new to stream on Hulu in the near future and are still catching up on some of the best indie films from 2017

We get it – we’re macabre hideous fiends ourselves who often choose closing the curtains and watching a savage film over leaving the house and barbecuing with friends.