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Thanks to lockdown, Kate Middleton is her family's hairdresser. See what her children think about her haircut right here.

Having a bad hair day? Even Kate Middleton’s kids hate her haircut

Everyone loves Kate Middleton’s style. Well that’s what we thought. In Middleton’s latest interview, the Duchess of Cambridge confessed that her children’s worst nightmare is when she gives them a haircut.

During an Early Years virtual interview, Kate Middleton discussed her terrible haircutting skills to four parents from the UK. Haircutting skills? What? Can’t Middleton take her kids to a stylist? Well, lockdown in the UK is keeping everyone away from the hairdresser, and the royal family is no exception. Take a look at how the Duchess of Cambridge is coping with new parenting challenges. 

Middleton’s haircut 

In a YouTube video posted by The Royal Family, Kate Middleton discussed the effects of homeschooling their children alongside a group of parents. As the parents continued sharing their stories, the Duchess of Cambridge divulged what it’s like in lockdown with her children: Prince George (seven years old), Princess Charlotte (five years old), and the youngest Prince Louis (two years old). 

According to Page Six, Kate Middleton claimed that it’s extremely challenging to please her children. She expressed: “during lockdown, we’ve had to take on additional roles that others in our communities or in our lives would have helped us with”.

Kate Middleton claimed that not only is homeschooling tough, but she realized she’s terrible at cutting her children’s hair. Middleton hilariously confessed: “I’ve become a hairdresser this lockdown, much to my children’s horror.” 

Hair up or down? 

As relatable as Kate Middleton’s haircut confession may have been, she might have more skills than she thinks. An insider told The Sun: “Kate would certainly trim George and Charlotte’s hair as she is very competent and they are used to home haircuts.” 

The source also revealed: “Carole Middleton (Kate Middleton’s mother) taught both Kate and sister Pippa how to cook and cut children’s hair. To them, it is no big deal.”

In fact, Kate Middleton’s eldest son Prince George, is extremely “easy”. Whereas the insider noted that it’s Princess Charlotte who has a more difficult temperament. However, “Charlotte likes her hair off her face”, so a ponytail is reportedly the easiest hairstyle for Kate Middleton to do. 

Parenting challenges

Kate Middleton expressed the pandemic has been “exhausting”. Though her children’s haircut is actually the least of her worries, as she revealed to other parents that she “personally (feels) pulled in so many different directions”. 

Besides Kate Middleton’s haircut challenge, she told her fellow parents that it’s important for all their children that “we look after ourselves”. 

The Duchess of Cambridge expressed there’s “positive sides to parenting” as well during the lockdown. Kate Middleton ended her Early Years interview by thanking the parents and providing some heartfelt advice: “Make sure everyone looks after themselves, it’s very important. It’s always hard to prioritize this. . . Now more than ever.”

Early Years

Early Years is a study conducted by Kate Middleton about the “importance of the earliest years of a child’s life”. According to Town and Country, Middleton has spoken with families in the UK about parenting styles and the importance of a healthy early childhood. 

Kate Middleton has created a couple of surveys to look at helping families with young children. The Duchess’s focus is on how to raise the next generations. According to Town and Country, Middleton stated: “I have seen that experiences such as homelessness, addiction, and poor mental health are often grounded in a difficult childhood”.

Kate Middleton continued: “But I have also seen how positive protective factors in the early years can play a crucial role in shaping our futures . . . The early years are not simply about how we raise our children. They are in fact about how we raise the next generation of adults. They are about the society we will become.”

Kate Middleton’s haircut skills may not be helping her children, but her conversation with her fellow UK parents was definitely needed. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. 

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