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A 'Karen' movie is about to be unleashed upon the world. Dive into the thoughts that Twitter has on the subject, including it ripping off 'Get Out'.

‘Karen’: Is this new horror movie ripping off Jordan Peele?

Karens are a real life horror story, if we can be totally honest. From threatening to call the cops on people to being the bane of customer service workers to generally being the worst people you know, Karens are definitely a horror story brought to life. So, it’s not that surprising that someone decided to make an actual horror movie titled, of course, Karen.


Karen, which is a BET Original Movie, released its first trailer today. Some, on the other internet, are drawing comparisons to Jordan Peele & Get Out. Is the new horror movie ripping off Jordan Peele? And, well, don’t movies rip off each other all the time? Is it such a bad thing for this to happen? Let’s take a look at what Twitter is saying about Karen the movie to investigate. 



Well, it certainly appears like people are trying to make it a new sub-genre.


Just find your voice

Jordan Peele is without peer. Don’t try to imitate. Try to . . . homage.


Let the man have his moment!

Peele also spent years coming up with the idea and working on Get Out. So, maybe, take your time. 


The real reason

Actually this two-part tweet gets to the reason why people are upset with others trying to rip Jordan Peele.


And he’s only directed two movies

It really is special the way that Peele is trying to be copied by Hollywood.



Paying homage to great directors & films is not a bad thing, but if you do without thought as to why things worked as they did . . . then that’s when things get bad.


Life is terrifying enough

We get too many murderous Karens IRL, let’s be honest.


It just keeps going and going and going

They won’t stop. It will never end.


He doesn’t deserve this

Poor Jordan Peele.


There it is

And boom goes the dynamite.

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