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Shrouded in mystery and airing completely free of commercials, the “Teddy Perkins” episode of 'Atlanta' is a haunting masterpiece. Featuring Donald Glover in whiteface as one of the

Twitter may have satisfied our lust for juicy details, whisperings of upcoming projects and behind-the-scenes gossip, but it wasn’t quite enough. Instagram gives us visual evidence that yes,

Donald Glover has struck out against Marvel after it was announced he, his brother Stephen, and FX would no longer be involved in 'Deadpool: The Animated Series'. In

One of the best ways to learn about film is to draw inspiration from other filmmakers. Whether you’re an aspiring or established director, producer, scriptwriter, or cinematographer, there’s

As we continue to speculate upon just what ghoulish, greedy stories Hawley has up his sleeve for us in season four, here are eleven of the most WTF

From the very first episode, FX’s 'Atlanta' was an enticingly odd ride. There are so many references seamlessly built into the storyline, it can be difficult to spot

The very best way to learn about film is from other filmmakers. More so than your average professor of the arts or newspaper film critic, the directors &

If you caught the most recent episode of 'Black-ish', you likely witnessed the show’s impeccable parody of Jordan Peele’s 'Get Out'. Like 'Black-ish', there have been some great

We’re onto day five into this year’s annual South by Southwest Film Festival – or SXSW as it’s better known – and already there’s been a plethora of