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JoJo Siwa’s TikTok is filled with a lot of interesting content from dancing to pranks. These are some of JoJo Siwa’s TikToks to watch now.

Watch JoJo Siwa’s best TikTok videos, ever

The biggest news about JoJo Siwa right now is she’s participating in the next season of Dancing With the Stars with a female partner! The identity of her female partner hasn’t been introduced to us yet, but this is a record-breaking moment in history. JoJo Siwa is doing something truly groundbreaking and because of it, more people than ever are checking out her TikTok. 

JoJo Siwa’s Tik Tok is filled with a lot of interesting content from dancing, to pranks, to silly moments with her besties. JoJo Siwa‘s TikTok currently has over 36.2 million followers and provides a link to her YouTube channel where she posts other fun content. These are some of JoJo Siwa’s TikToks to watch as soon as possible!


Disneyyyyyyy with my people

♬ Dance Through the Day – JoJo Siwa

Her Disneyland trip

JoJo Siwa’s TikTok video showcasing her Disney trip is exactly what everyone needs to see for inspiration to visit the popular theme park. The video starts off with JoJo Siwa kissing her girlfriend, Kylie Prew, before revealing a montage of their fun night. 

They enjoyed different foods including chocolate chip cookies, corn on the cob, and cotton candy in between going on cute rides throughout the park. Her Disneyland trip video is the perfect date night inspiration.


Hey it was worth a try🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

♬ A-O-K – Tai Verdes

Hair curling tutorial

JoJo Siwa’s TikTok includes a funny video of her trying out hair curling techniques for her followers to check out. Hairstyling tutorials are very popular on social media these days so it makes sense for JoJo Siwa to hop on the train on her TikTok posts. 

She starts off the video by combing out her long blonde hair and quickly rolling up different sections of her hair with purple curlers. Her girlfriend jokingly compares her to a character from SpongeBob SquarePants before they unravel the hair and share some PDA.


bet you didn’t expect this one…. Happy international bow day!!!🎀🎉

♬ Hold the Drama – JoJo Siwa

International bow day

One accessory JoJo Siwa is rarely seen without is the big bow in her hair. She typically wears bows of every color to coincide with the color for outfits she rocks. Sometimes her bows perfectly match and other times they seem totally random, but regardless, she doesn’t forget to wear her bow! 

On August 19th, JoJo Siwa celebrated the random holiday which honors her favorite accessory. She captioned it, “Bet you didn’t expect this one . . . Happy international bow day!” And of course, she didn’t forget to add a bow emoji with her words. Seeing her walk in front of the camera in an outfit completely made of bows is exactly what we expected.


wElL iF yOu YeLl aT mE i’M gOnNa CrY😩

♬ jealous girl lana del rey – !marvete, the asgardian

The Lana Del Rey trend

Lately on TikTok, people have been posting a Lana Del Rey trend with her song “Jealous Girl”. In these viral videos, users are making the claim that no one would really be able to hurt them because they’re just so savage. It’s obviously meant to be sarcastic but JoJo Siwa’s TikTok video took it in the opposite direction. 

Instead of pretending she doesn’t have an emotional side to her, she wrote to anyone who thinks they can make her cry that they probably can if they just yell at her. It’s obvious she’s got a great sense of humor.

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