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Curious about 'He's All That' starring TikTok star Addison Rae? Check out the Twitter reactions before committing to a watch of the Netflix movie.

How have fans reacted to Addison Rae in ‘He’s All That’?

We all knew, in our heart of hearts, that He’s All That wasn’t going to be good, right? We knew this. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Plenty of terrible movies are remembered fondly. It’s just the way the world is sometimes, but, well, then the trailer for the remake of She’s All That came out. Well, Addison Rae is a TikTok star, but, uh, maybe acting isn’t her bag?

Either way, time to see what the Internet thinks about He’s All That. Or, as we like to call this game, “How Bad Was It?!” (Or the less fun version “I know you stan, but, uh, don’t be blind”). Maybe it was actually good. Let’s go to the comments.


Bottom barrel expectations

So, apparently, think it was kind of good.


Bless that man

Matthew Lillard wins. He always wins.


There are five good minutes in He’s All That

So that’s the best part of the movie, huh?



Someone looks a bit psychotic.


Don’t watch He’s All That

Go watch Cobra Kai.


Logic doesn’t live here

Don’t . . . why are you trying to put logic here?!


No . . .



Oh sweetie

Why would you do that to yourself?!



Smiling as an acting choice is . . . a choice.



Get ready to get scared? 

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