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This week, fans got a sneak peek at the 'He's All That' trailer. Explore the clip and decide if the new 90s reboot is living up to its massive hype.

‘He’s All That’: Is Addison Rae’s new film already a huge flop?

1990s nostalgia heads can rejoice this week, as fans were flooded with news from yet another neon-dripping retro reboot. There has been whisperings about a She’s All That genderbent reboot for over a year, but this week fans got evidence this thing is more than greenlit, He’s All That is full-on ready to go with a brand new teaser.

Fans got a sneak peek this week when a clip from the He’s All That trailer leaked, and now everyone’s wondering if the remake will carry any of the original’s magic. We took a dive into this week’s stories about the new trailer leak to see what people are saying about Addison Rae’s new starring film. Here’s what we found.

She’s All That

We hope everyone who’s pumped about He’s All That has at least done their homework. The new reboot brings the story of 1999’s She’s All That to a brand new audience – with a twist. He’s All That will genderswap the main characters.

Millennials and other ancient generations remember fondly the story of She’s All That. Freddy Prinze Jr. & Rachael Leigh Cook star in one of the quintessential 90s teen dramas with She’s All That, equipt with iconic soundtrack, an MTV Real World plotline, and of course, the late great Paul Walker.

The film swept up audiences with its take on the Can’t Buy Me Love cash-for-dating-turned-true-love story, with every 90s trademark along the way. However, the She’s All That remake couldn’t be more gen z. We mean, come on – a TikTok star is taking the lead role!

He’s All That

Seventeen reported this week that a clip from the He’s All That trailer leaked via Twitter user @DiscussingFilm. The trailer shows TikTok star Addison Rae taking the role of the popular girl (formally popular guy in the original) who takes on a bet to turn the groddiest dude in school into a manicured prom king.

Tanner Buchanan plays the future prom king in question , and he’s certainly dressed down in the trailer to fulfill his role as highschool outcast. We hear a narrator call his character “a total disaster . . . weird, antisocial”. 

Oh yes, folks – we even see Buchanan wearing a dirty beanie & flannel while eating lunch on the school grounds (gasp!). The trailer cuts off after some bullies pitch Buchanan his lunch, but before the sneak peek ends, we see a glimpse at his final prom king makeover. We gotta say – the kid cleans up well! So, do we have any other details from He’s All That which the trailer clip held back?

Can’t hardly wait

There’s plenty of details coming from He’s All That, and rightfully so – the movie drops on Netflix in just over a month. If you’re worried about the film flopping, don’t be so sure. There’s a slew of talent behind the new reboot and the first glimmer of hope is director Mark Waters.

Mark Waters is the man behind 2003’s Freaky Friday & 2004’s Mean Girls, so millennials can exhale a bit if they’re worried about He’s All That. Furthermore, along with burgeoning zoomer stars Addison Rae & Tanner Buchanan, original star Rachael Leigh Cook will return to the reboot! She’ll be playing star Rae’s mother, but we think her presence alone may provide some of She’s All That’s magic in the reboot.

For now, most of what we know from He’s All That we’ve seen in the recently leaked trailer clip, and we’ll just have to wait for the full version to drop before the movie is released. He’s All That drops on Netflix on August 27th, and we can’t wait.

What’s your favorite 1990s teen movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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