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Millennials will have no trouble remembering iconic 1999 teen rom com 'She’s All That'. Find out more about the remake and its cast.

Who’s rejoining the ‘She’s All That’ cast? Find out who’s coming back here

Millennials will have no trouble remembering iconic 1999 teen rom com She’s All That. The hit has been the template for many teen romantic comedies as well as countless spoofs, most famously in Not Another Teen Movie, which now feels like an extremely problematic relic. 

In spite of all its imitations, She’s All That has its own official reboot He’s All That coming soon, and it has audiences wondering how true to the original the remake will be.

Where it all started

She’s All That tells the tale of football star Zack Siler, who makes a bet against frenemy Dean Sampson that he can make a prom queen out of antisocial art freak Laney Boggs. Zack tries tirelessly to get into Laney’s good graces, but in doing so finds that something special is growing between them (Haven’t I heard this before?)

Pretty soon, Zack is willing to do anything to win Laney’s heart, even a cringe-worthy performance art piece involving a hacky sack that will make a friend’s improv show look like Hamilton.

The love affair all comes crashing down for them both, though, when Laney discovers Zack’s kindness comes with nefarious intentions. Laney responds with the now iconic line, “AM I A F*CKING BET?!”, and the rest is history. Zack & Laney are played by celebs who shined brightest in the late 90s, but who will join the next installment twenty years later? 

Before director Robert Iscove gave American Idol winner Kelly Clarkston her role in memorably horrible cash-grab From Justin to Kelly in 2003, he showcased the likes of mega hunks Freddie Prinze Jr. and the late great Paul Walker in She’s All That. Along with Kieren Culkin, Anna Paquin, and even Usher and Lil’ Kim, one has to wonder who will return in the new She’s All That cast to honor the modern rom com classic.

A reimagined reboot

The remake updates the 1999 piece, trading hetero male incarnate football hunk Zack for young girl Padget, in a gender swap that is sure to turn heads. Padget will instead make a social butterfly and reigning prom king out of a bookish (phone-ish?) boy at school. Padget will be played by TikTok star Addison Rae, Variety reports.

Other stars in the reimagined She’s All That cast include Peyton Meyer, who already has remake experience: he appears in ABC’s Boy Meets World reboot Girl Meets World. Thailand’s Got Talent winner Myra Molloy is confirmed for the cast too, developing the array of fresh faces to sign on.

The new She’s All That cast is full of beautiful young people fit for an up-to-date reimagining. An appearance by Kourtney Khardasian has been confirmed, sure to attract a new generation of She’s All That lovers. But who will return from the original to the new She’s All That cast?

Familiar faces

There has only been one original cast member announced to return to the new She’s All That cast, but it may be the most important one: Rachel Leigh Cook will return as Pagdet’s mom. Cook starred as Laney in the original She’s All That cast, and has said she’s delighted to see familiar faces on set.

These familiar faces, though, aren’t on-screen members of the new She’s All That cast. In addition to Cook, original screenwriter R. Lee Flemming and original crew members Andrew Panay and Jennifer Gibgot will be on set. 

No release date has been given for He’s All That, and it’s unclear when we will see it. We will see Rachel Leigh Cook return, as well as some of the brains behind the original. But will “Kiss Me” serenade us as the new prom king descends his stairs en route to prom? Only time will tell.

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