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Rumor has it, that Monty Lopez, Addison Rae's dad cheated on his wife, but is it true? What's next for the TikTok celebrities?

Is Addison Rae’s dad creepy? Here’s what the TikTok star thinks

Many figures become celebs due to their parent’s fame, Addison Rae’s case is the exact opposite. In case you don’t know, Addison Rae is an American social media personality, actress, dancer, and singer. Her father, Monty Lopez is also a TikTok celebrity, but almost all of his content has to do with his family and he’s mostly known as “Addison Rae’s dad”. But is he creepy? 

Addison Rae arrived on TikTok right before its global boom with the COVID-19 pandemic in July 2019. In just a few months she reached a million followers, by now she has 88.2 million followers on TikTok, on the other side, her dad has 5.4 million. Definitely, this is a great example of how the TikTok algorithm can change lives, also, about how cheap entertaining culture is, in fact, one thing relates to the other.

Addison’s dad’s videos are silly, but all traditional TikTok content somehow is, right? However, there’s a generalized perception of Monty Lopez as a creep, and we’ll tell you everything about it. Honestly, an almost 50-year-old man digging for fame on a teenage platform is already weird, but that’s not precisely what we’re talking about, it gets worse.   

Addison Rae’s fame 

As we mentioned before, it all began in July 2019, when Addison Rae reached fame through TikTok videos. Although the star got into several polemics because she didn’t give credit to some choreographers, she gained really important opportunities in very little time. By August 2020, she was declared the “highest-earning TikTok personality” by Forbes.

 Addison Rae has also been a creditor of several awards & nominations.  She counts on a Streamy Award with four nominations, two for People’s Choice Awards, and three for Kids’ Choice Awards. However, the celeb hasn’t been the only one positively affected by fame, all her main family is now famous too. As soon as she reached fame she felt the need to move to L.A. and her whole family supported her. 

In January 2020 Addison released a Spotify-exclusive podcast with her mother Sheri, called “Mama knows best”, about personal and professional topics. By 2021, the podcast was relaunched with the name “That was Fun? With Addison and Sheri”. She also launched her own cosmetics line, Item Beauty, with her in the role of Chief Innovation Officer. She co-founded Item Beauty. 

On the other side, her father has a family Youtube Channel called The Rae Family, which has a little less than 300k subscribers. It looks like TikTok was a life changer for the entire family, however, visibility has its dark side too, and Monty Lopez can confirm that. Sadly, at this point, it doesn’t really matter if something is true or false, once public, it is hard to stop the polemic. 

Is Monty Lopez a creep?

Addison Rae’s dad is accused of cheating on his wife Sheri for a second time with a 19-year-old. Honestly, the affair rumors are the least to worry about, monogamy isn’t the most sustainable model in the world. According to the L.A. intelligence detective agency, 70% of married Americans cheat at least once in their marriage. What’s entirely wrong, is the age of the girl he’s accused to have cheated with. 

Having your entire family issues going viral on the internet must be devastating, and this might be the reason why Addison Rae hasn’t posted a video about it. So we can say there’s no concrete evidence to hold onto besides the original videos. Nevertheless, on June 28 she unfollowed her dad on social media, and her mother Sheri Easterling erased “wife” from her Instagram bio.

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