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Is it true that Addison Rae is releasing a new song next year? Get ready to click "Like" and dive in to find out!

Is Addison Rae releasing more songs next year?

To think back to those early days of social media, when everyone was first exploring the platform, immersing themselves into a different world of extraordinaries and fun. Surely, we still do but it was the first time we found ourselves just stuck on it like it was our whole world. Surfing social media is just as fun as surfing through the web, and chances are at some point, you were told that we can’t be productive on social media. 

Have you ever wondered how many jobs social media has brought? What else will they bring? We mean, will there ever be movies and shows that we can only stream on Facebook? Time will tell but for now, let us dive into the news of Addison Rae. Is it true she’s releasing more songs next year?

Addison Rae

Addison Rae is a social media personality, dancer, actress and singer. Since the summer of 2019, she’s been regularly posting content on the platform TikTok where her dancing videos became famous. Since the summer of 2021, Addison Rae has gathered over 81 million followers on TikTok.

Rae is the third most-followed person on the platform following behind Charli D’Amelio and Khaby Lame. In August of 2020, the young personality was named the highest-earning TikTok personality by Forbes. She published her debut single, Obsessed in March 2021 and made her acting debut in He’s All That which is a gender swapped remake of the hit 1999 film released by Netflix on August 27th, 2021. 


Addison Rae is shifting from a TikTok star to a musician. Some fans are excited out of confidence and curiosity but others, not so much. Some fans don’t appear to be “obsessed”. The twenty-year old stunned fans with her debut single which was a self-love pop anthem but reporters are curious to know why it’s not getting as much praise as fans might’ve thought. 

When talking to her 36.7 million followers on Instagram, she admitted, “I’m so emotional right now. This song makes me feel so many things!!! I love music. That’s all.” Rae revealed she has been working on music for the past year and has involved herself in every step of the process, from writing to recording. 

She told Vogue, “From the beginning, I wanted to make sure that I was writing my own music. I remember jotting down lyrics when I was little and trying to figure out how to make them a song. Now, I’m learning every detail and from amazing songwriters.”

Obsessed uses Rae’s experiences as the second most followed TikTok personality, learning to “accept” herself amid all the public attention. In her Vogue interview, she added, “One could take it as being vainly obsessed with yourself but that’s not what I’m trying to communicate. It’s clear I can love myself as much as you love me, and that’s important.”

New song

No matter what kind of artist we are (poet, writer, dancer, musician, magican, painter, singer, etc.) it’s no secret that our projects don’t always turn out the way we imagined. Money is always important to think of but artists think past the profits. Artists aim to talk to the masses, we always have something to say. 

Some fans may not have enjoyed Addison Rae’s debut song but perhaps they felt differently about TikTok Girl and Squid. Maybe some dislike all the songs but many appear to enjoy them. And Rae’s career doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. We can’t say for sure if they’ll be new songs next year but fans definitely want to stay tuned. 

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