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Already finished season 4 of 'Cobra Kai'? If you're wondering when is the next season of the Netflix karate series, no worries, we've got all the details.

Cobra Kai’: When is Netflix dropping the next season of the karate series?

Just got done binge-watching all four seasons of Cobra Kai? That means you have been dreaming about the fifth season! The popular series following the 1980s hit movie Karate Kid’s received the green light for a fifth season back in August of 2021. Now, audiences are wondering, “When is the next season of Cobra Kai?”

The filming of the fifth season wrapped this past December, and fans are craving more fighting action! Oh, and let us not forget the age-old feud between karate kid Daniel LaRusso & Cobra Kai’s star pupil Johnny Lawrence. With all the twists & turns of the previous seasons, people are struggling to sit still with anticipation. So when is the next season of Cobra Kai appearing on Netflix, and will there be more seasons to come?

The classic 80’s rivalry continues

The famous 1980s rivalry between the hero Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) & villain Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) has made its way to a modern series of the 2000s. With the actors reprising their original roles from the Karate Kid movie, the series fast-forwards to their adult lives. 

Originally a Youtube Premium show, Cobra Kai continues where the legend left off. Johnny Lawrence is down on his luck and is unmotivated to turn his life around. After being fired from his job, Lawrence crosses paths with car salesman & arch-enemy LaRusso. Flashbacks from karate days begin to haunt him as he spirals into depression & drinking.  

After saving a local boy from an unfair fight with his peers, Lawrence begins to receive eerie messages to return to his karate roots. Ultimately, Lawrence decides to open his own dojo to mentor bullied neighborhood children.

Cobra Kai reconnects to its karate roots

As the seasons progress, the characters of Cobra Kai experience rapid personal growth. Johnny Lawrence & Daniel LaRusso both wrestle with adulthood and their karate past. Grudges & ego stemming from the 1980s bubble up the surface, as they do their best to handle their differences in an adult-like manner. 

In addition, LaRusso & Lawrence individually connect with a new generation seeking guidance through karate lessons. Though their tactics of teaching the practice differ, Lawrence & LaRusso renew their connection to karate and find benefits to becoming a sensei to teens.

The fifth season is just the beginning 

When is the next season of Cobra Kai aimed to be released? Ever since the show made the switch from Youtube to Netflix, each new Cobra Kai season has premiered around New Year’s. This also may be the case for season five, but many speculate that it could be sooner. The buzz around town is that December of 2022 will mark the show’s return.  

Cobra Kai co-creator Josh Heald told ScreenRant that season five is “not the end” and that they had already planned far ahead beyond next season (assuming Netflix continues to renew the show). 

“We have more beyond Season 5. We are not writing to the end of the series in Season 5 right now. We can’t believe we’ve filmed two seasons of the show this year. In our minds, it’s crazy to believe how far ahead of the story we are than what the audience has seen so far. Season 5 is another enormous season with a lot of new flavors and a lot of things that you haven’t seen before yet on the show.”

When is the next season of Cobra Kai aiming to be released?

No one is entirely sure when is the next season of Cobra Kai. Fans, unfortunately, will have to wait for an official announcement sometime this year. In the meantime, all four previous seasons can be watched on Netflix.

Additionally, viewers can purchase seasons one & two on Amazon. The original Karate Kid and its sequels are on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Roku, Sling, Xfinity, & Dish Network.   

What are your thoughts on the latest season of Cobra Kai? Let us know in the comments below!

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