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As production finally begins for season 4 of 'Killing Eve', when can we expect to see the new season on BBCAmerica? Take a look at all the killer details.

When will ‘Killing Eve”s new season drop on BBCAmerica?

Killing Eve fans can expect to see the story of Eve & Villanelle conclude on BBCAmerica sometime next year. The two women have pursued each other for three seasons now, resulting in stabbings, shootings, and one hell of a romantic goodbye on a bridge. Season three established that both Eve & Villanelle are in a state of dissatisfaction with their lives as things stand, but aren’t sure where to go next. 

After being burned by their respective employers in season 2, season 3 showed Eve & Villanelle desperately trying to put their lives back together. Villanelle is disturbed by work that once satisfied her, and poor Eve just can’t catch a break. Filming for season 4, which is set to be the series’s final season, commenced in June this year. Both Sandra Oh & Jodie Comer have returned to portray our favorite TV couple one last time. 

With the news that Killing Eve is coming to a close, part of us is content to prolong the wait for the end. However, a greater part of us is itching for a release date so we know when we can expect to see Killing Eve drop on BBCAmerica. Though we believe we can expect the show to return on BBCAmerica sometime next year based on the production schedule, no official date has been announced.

Season 3

Season 3 picks up with Eve & Villanelle pursuing totally different paths after the disastrous ending to season 2. The mundanity of Eve’s life is shaken up once more when she experiences a staggering loss: Kenny dies, and Eve & Carolyn are left to cope in their unique ways. 

Meanwhile, Villanelle sets herself up to cross paths with Eve again when she takes a job with The Twelve again. After a string of unsettling events, including a kiss (and a head-butt) with Villanelle, Eve finds hope in the idea that Niko might take her back. It isn’t Niko she’s been texting, though. It’s Dasha, Villanelle’s new boss who is focused on breaking Villanelle’s connection to Eve by framing Villanelle for an attack on Niko. 

Villanelle is nowhere near Niko, however. She goes back to her childhood home in an effort to recoup & rediscover herself amidst all the confusion she’s experiencing about what she wants from life. All this does is lead her to kill her family & realize she no longer enjoys killing people.

With her marriage to Niko officially over, Eve goes back to concentrating all of her attention on Villanelle. Konstantin, who spent most of season 3 struggling to balance his work demands, decides to take Villanelle & his daughter and run away. Carolyn’s investigation into what happened to Kenny finally starts to take shape towards the end of the season, and Eve & Villanelle reach another crossroads in their relationship.

Season 4

Season 4 will be at least partially directed by Anu Menon. The only glimpse fans have received of the upcoming season was the announcement that filming had begun. Jodie Comer was shown shooting a scene, but the clip shared was soundless. 

There’s plenty for season 4 to do to wrap up the story of Eve, Villanelle, Carolyn, and Konstantin. The biggest question fans have is what went down on the bridge. At the end of season 3, Eve & Villanelle are discussing their relationship on a bridge when Villanelle suggests they walk away from each other & never look back. Of course, these two can’t say goodbye yet, and the season ends with the two women sharing a longing look. 

Another question is where Carolyn & Konstantin’s relationship will go from here. She nearly killed him over his involvement with Kenny’s death, and we’re still not sure if he was telling the truth in his story about Kenny tripping & falling off the roof by accident.

Like pretty much every show set to return in 2021, filming on season 4 of Killing Eve was postponed due to complications related to the pandemic. Now that it’s been deemed safe to film again, Killing Eve & many other series are back in business. 

Are you looking forward to catching season 4 of Killing Eve on BBCAmerica? How do you want the series to end? Do you think Eve & Villanelle will both make it out of season 4 alive? Let us hear your predictions for the upcoming season in the comments!

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