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Where can you check out the new Ryan Reynolds movie 'Free Guy'? Head into the virtual world with these excellent options.

Where can you watch Ryan Reynolds’s new movie ‘Free Guy’?

Ryan Reynolds’s new movie Free Guy is all the rage at the moment. Along with Reynolds, Channing Tatum, Jodie Comer, Joe Keery, and Imane Anys also star in the film. Reynolds is certainly the biggest name from the film making it more of a must-see than ever. The movie’s about an average bank teller living his everyday life until he discovers something absolutely mindblowing.

He’s the background player of an open world video game and for his whole life, he didn’t even know it. In the midst of this realization, he decides to become the hero of his storyline by rewriting the life story he’s living. 

He realizes the virtual reality he’s in doesn’t have any limits which means he has the potential to save the day the way he wants to. There’s even a romantic love story mixed in! Where can you watch Ryan Reynolds’s new movie Free Guy?

Theatrical release

Ryan Reynolds’s new movie Free Guy will only be available to watch in movie theaters for now. Bob Chapek, Disney’s CEO, made the confirmation back in May 2021 that Free Guy was going to get an exclusive theatrical release when it premiered. 

Another movie to follow this pattern? Marvel studios’s Shang Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings which is a martial arts movie starring Simu Liu. Watching Ryan Reynolds’s new movie Free Guy in theaters is the best place to watch it for now anyway since seeing movies on the big screen is generally a pleasant experience. In that same token, seeing Free Guy in theaters is also the only possible option at the moment.

Why Disney+ isn’t an option

While other major movies from Disney & Marvel studios get released in theaters and onto Disney+ at the same time, Ryan Reynolds’s new movie Free Guy isn’t snagging that luxury. Typically people who have Disney+ premiere access are able to stream new movies with a top-notch opportunity that nonsubscribers wouldn’t have. 

Watching movies from home at an additional fee of $29.99 plus what they already pay for their Disney+ subscription is the way it goes. It doesn’t seem like Disney & Marvel studios are going to readily make Ryan Reynolds’s new movie an option in that way anytime soon. It might have something to do with Scarlett Johansson suing them over the release of Black Widow to Disney+. 

And let’s not forget Emma Stone also chose to sue when Disney+ released Cruella to the streaming network early. To avoid another messy lawsuit, it’s likely this type of early movie released to Disney+ won’t happen anytime soon.

Digital platforms including Blu-ray & DVD

On September 28th, 2021, digital platform releases of Ryan Reynolds’s new movie Free Guy will finally be available. You’ll be able to purchase the movie in 4K ultra HD, on Blu-ray, and on DVD. 

The reason this is a valuable option to some people is that this version will include never before seen bonus footage including deleted scenes, one extended scene, behind the scenes featurettes, and even some bloopers.Watching that gag reel is probably going to be absolutely hilarious!

Why everyone loves Free Guy

Fans of funny movies, fans of action movies, and fans of Ryan Reynolds are able to get together in one place to enjoy Free Guy. This is the type of movie that really appeals to audiences of all kinds. 

Since the movie’s doing so well, it’s already pulled in over $65 million in the US and over $5.4 million in China. Ryan Reynolds knows how to start in comedies just as much as he knows how to start action movies which is why this role was absolutely perfect for him.

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