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'Free Guy' was everything we hoped for and more! If you love Ryan Reynolds as much as we do, you also have to check out these movies.

Did you love ‘Free Guy’? Try these movies with Ryan Reynolds

Now that Ryan Reynolds’s Free Guy movie has hit theaters and is doing so well, fans of Reynolds are reflecting on other movies from his lineup. According to Google Reviews, his Free Guy movie has 4.7 out of five stars which is quite impressive. According to Rotten Tomatoes, his Free Guy movie has a rating of 83% with thousands of movie-lovers leaving positive reviews. 

Reynolds is a genius when it comes to action movies as well as comedies so the fact that he’s blended the two genres together flawlessly once again isn’t exactly that surprising. Aside from his Free Guy movie, here are some of his other gems no one should ever forget about.


Similar to his Free Guy movie, Deadpool is also known for being an action movie filled with plenty of comical moments. The first movie was released in 2016 followed by its sequel in 2018 starring Morena Baccarin & T.J. Miller in smaller roles. Deadpool is a Marvel hero who goes through a horrible event that leaves him totally disfigured. 

The rogue experiment doesn’t keep him down forever as he decides to use his superpowers to fight back against villains and hunt down the man who caused him to physically change in the first place.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

In 2017, The Hitman’s Bodyguard was released starring Ryan Reynolds in the lead role. Gary Oldman & Richard E. Grant also star in the film alongside him. The sequel, Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard was released in 2021 continuing to tell the intriguing story about an intensely dedicated bodyguard going up against an assassin.

We can’t forget to mention Samuel L. Jackson & Salma Hayek also starring in this hilarious franchise with all its unforgettable action sequences.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern is Ryan Reynolds’s DC film from 2011. To this day, this particular movie is one he’s not particularly fond of since he’s slightly embarrassed about how badly it bombed at the box office. There is a silver lining though! Green Lantern is the movie set we’re Reynolds met his current wife, Blake lively, for the very first time.

 They’ve been happily married for Almost a decade and they have three precious daughters together. Had they not starred in Green Lantern together, who knows if they would’ve ever met and fallen madly in love with each other!

Six Underground

Six Underground is a 2019 movie starring Ryan Reynolds in a leading role. The action-thriller is about six individuals who join forces from different places around the globe. They’re all highly intelligent in the area of their skillset which means they must link up for a reason. 

When their skills are combined, they’re able to complete missions that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do on their own. This movie was directed by Michael Bay who is known for The Purge movie franchise.

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

Ryan Reynolds plays the role of Detective Pikachu in animated form for this 2019 family adventure film. The movie’s about a detective named Harry Goodman who randomly goes missing causing his son to question all circumstances. His son, Tim, gets together with Detective Pikachu in order to find Detective Goodman, wherever he may be. They get lost in the world of tangled mysteries but refuse to give up until justice is served.

Just Friends

Ryan Reynolds & Amy smart play love interest in Just Friends, a 2005 movie about two people getting a second shot at love. Reynolds plays a dorky teenager who falls in love with his best friend who essentially ends up friend-zoning him. Years later, when he’s all grown up & successful, he decides to try his luck with her one more time. The second time he tries with her, things work out in his favor.

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