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Harry Styles is one of the biggest singer-songwriters out there right now. Get inspiration for your next tattoos here.

Do you stan Harry Styles? Get inspiration for your next tattoo here

Harry Styles is one of the biggest singer-songwriters out there right now. Not only because his lyrics are incredibly crafted and his voice sounds like melted butter, but because of his, well, style

Harry Styles always looks good, especially when he rolls up his sleeves and reveals his amazing tattoos. Each of Harry Styles’s tattoos tells the story of his life and fans love to show their appreciation for them through tattoos that the British singer inspired. 

If you want to get in on the fun, you’re in luck! We sang our way through the internet to find the best tattoo ideas inspired by Harry Styles’s tattoos and songs. Grab your tattoo pen and dive into these great Harry Styles inspired tattoos. 

We’ll be alright 

These tattoos inspired by Harry Styles’s latest song “Fine Line” still make us swoon! 

Artistic talent

It actually looks like him! What the heck?! 

Butterfly fly away 

Definitely a beautiful & fun way to show how much you stan Harry Styles

Sail the seven seas

Now you can rule the waves too! Sail on, dude, sail on. 

Tweet, tweet 

How can you say no to those faces? 


And this is why we stan Harry Styles: his commitment to making the world a nicer place. 

Sweet Creature 

Yeah, this tattoo design is definitely sweet (see what we did there?) 

 Sign of the times 

Definitely a good tattoo idea after this year . . . .

 Turn the music up

Pretty and a bit old-fashioned – basically the essence of Harry Styles

Fine Line 

We can’t help it! It’s such a good song! 

Have any other fun designs for Harry Styles inspired tattoos? Drop them below in the comments while the ink is still fresh! 

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