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Harry Styles did a photo shoot in a Little Mermaid costume. Check out the best memes on the Internet about the event.

Harry Styles as Ariel: Peek at the scandalous ‘Little Mermaid’ memes

Remember when there were rumors about Harry Styles possibly being in The Little Mermaid live-action remake as Prince Eric? That role ultimately went to Jonah Hauer-King (World of Fire). Even though Harry Styles isn’t going to be in the film, he’s still living his best The Little Mermaid life out there. In a shoot for Vogue, he dressed in an Ariel costume. Naturally, there were memes. 

Oh boy, there were memes. And people learning they have a weird fetish of Harry Styles in fake red hair and a shiny, shiny mermaid tale. Fanfics are being written as we speak. Wattpad is presumably losing its mind. Can you feel the Harry Styles memes in the air tonight? We definitely can. You definitely can today. So let’s see some of the funniest ones on the Internet.

It is what it is

Don’t know what to tell you, my guy.

Why be Prince Eric when you can be Ariel?

You live your best life, Harry.

Artist hands are slipping

Dang, this is really good fanart.

Is it on Wattpad though?

We’re telling you. Harry Styles memes are going to become Harry Styles fanfiction. Just…not another After.

Where are those shells, Harry? 

Gosh Harry! You need to shell up.

He is here to stay

Mermaid Harry will never leave you.

Dive into it

Again. Someone is writing or already has written a Wattpad story on mermaid Harry Styles.

It’s a win

Mermaid Harry is the clear winner.

Yep, we agree.

Absolutely. We 100% agree.

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  • Narration on Harry Styles tattooed smoking drinking little mermaid photo: “With a new self titled movie out, Ariel seemed to be on top of the world. But behind the scenes, things were falling apart…..”

    April 17, 2021

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