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These creepy, fun Halloween podcasts will scare you straight

With Halloween just around the corner, you probably need a little something to help get you in the spoopy mood this year considering the quarantine (which is scarier than any horror movie, let’s be honest). Luckily, we have one fun idea: podcasts. Specifically, a few fun podcasts that will help you get into the Halloween spirit. 

Weaving together fun chills and terrifying thrills, these fun podcasts will give you the scare you’ve been looking for while also getting you invested in some incredible stories along the way. In short, these podcasts are a great, fun way to spend your Halloween night, both alone and with friends! 

So, if you’re in the market for a fun, spooky podcast, we are here to help! Our list of fun podcasts are perfect for this Halloween and even afterward to keep the creeps going! Here is our list of fun podcasts for Halloween! 

Welcome to Night Vale 

Turn up your radios and turn out the lights for this one! Welcome to Night Vale is a famous horror podcast that will have you turning the volume up with every episode! Set in the fictional town of Night Vale where the strange and spooky is an everyday occurrence, this podcast chronicles the odd characters who inhabit the area. 

From The Faceless Old Woman Who Lives in You Home who runs for mayor to the Sheriff’s Secret Police, the characters of Night Vale are varied and amazing to listen to with a collection of voice actors that bring them to startling life. 

The podcast currently consists of over 150 episodes that are each twenty minutes long. Alongside of the main podcast, there are four books set in the world of Night Vale, meaning you’ll have a ton of scares ahead of you if you dive into Welcome to Night Vale. 

Inside the Exorcist 

Horror movie lovers, this next one’s for you! Inside the Exorcist is a seven episode podcast, making it perfect for binge-watching this Halloween. Chronicling the behind the scenes exploits behind the making of one of the most notorious horror films: 1973’s The Exorcist. 

Full of horrors both in front of and behind the camera, the podcast is a perfect binge-watch for those who want to know just how Hell came to Earth that year. The podcast explores the story in a similar fashion to the film, with several aspects from the opening sequence to William Friedkin. 

This horrifying podcast will let the demonic fear of the film come to life and escape the confines of the silver screen. So brush up on your Latin as you dive into this terrifying podcast. 

Jim Harold’s Campfire

Gather around the campfire for this one! This fun podcast has been a spooky staple since 2009 as it captures the thrill of telling scary stories around the campfire, keeping you on the edge of your seat. These stories aren’t just from the mind of the creator but come from an even scarier source: everyday people. 

The stories are actually from audience members who send in their stories to be read by Jim Harold himself. From paranormal activity to UFO sightings, this podcast has something for everyone who is in need of some thrills this Halloween! 

The podcast currently has over 390 episodes, so you’ll definitely have enough scares to last you all through Halloween and, most likely, until even Christmas becomes a Nightmare. So grab some marshmallows & graham crackers as you dive on in! 

Have any other fun podcasts to help get us into the Halloween mood? Let us know in the comments so we can keep the scares going. 

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