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Could we be seeing more of Ghidorah in the MonsterVerse? Dive in about what we know following 'Godzilla vs Kong'.

‘Godzilla vs. Kong’: Did the film just set up the OG monster Ghidorah?

Godzilla vs Kong has been unleashed onto the world like the literal monster mash that it was always meant to be. The two most famous monsters in movie history duking it out for the amusement of humans the world over. Yes, there were some less than stellar elements to it. (Maybe we can just stop with the focus on the human characters? We know what we sign up for with a title like Godzilla vs. Kong.)

But there was something very interesting for fans of the Hollow Earth. It teased something big, something huge, something OG. It’s wild. We’re talking about monsters from space. More importantly, Godzilla vs. Kong is giving us Ghidorah. Ghidorah! We’re screaming. How does the movie set up Ghidorah? Who is Ghidorah? Here’s what you need to know.

Spoilers ahead for Godzilla vs Kong

Who is Ghidorah?

Known as King Ghidorah, this monster is a freaking dragon, larger than Godzilla, with three heads and wings. Ghidorah, in the original films, is said to be the “king of the monsters”. A big alpha monster who controlled the other monsters in a bygone age. Now, basically, Godzilla vs Kong gives Kong the origin that usually goes to Ghidorah when we’re talking about Toho Films. 

Ghidorah is, honestly, one of Godzilla’s toughest adversaries. He’s scary as all get out, but the fights between those two are epic. Not on the level of say Mothra epic, but still pretty baller, if we’re being 100% honest. Plus, who doesn’t love a giant kaiju fight? People without souls, that’s who.

Anyway, one of Ghidorah’s three heads of 2019’s King of Monsters was placed into the MechaGodzilla created by Apex. Because, you know, that’s always a good idea. While Godzilla helped Kong take out the remaining head and, thus, Ghidorah once & for all, Godzilla vs Kong made it clear that Kong delivered the final blow. The King is dead. Long live the King and all that. 

Kong gets Ghidorah’s origin

Like we said, in Godzilla vs Kong, Kong gets Ghidorah’s origin story. Well, after a fashion. He fights Godzilla and ends up King of the Monsters. Given that we know him by King Kong that’s a nifty way of adding that title to his name, we’ll give it to them. In the film, Kong travels back to Skull Island. He then goes underground at Skull Island to the Hollow Earth.

The Hollow Earth is where Kong and many other titans originated. The film went in on an “ancient rivalry”. Apparently, long ago, Kong & Godzilla’s ancestors duked it out for the Earth. Based on the throne made of scales and what looks like a Godzilla skeleton nearby, it looks like Kong’s ancestor won, which means Kong is the true King of Monsters. 

Good for him. Rather than nabbing the throne for himself like Ghidorah, Kong is the rightful heir. Though, this takes in the thought process that kaiju follow what we consider rules of succession. Now could we see more of Ghidorah? Could there be aliens out there in the MonsterVerse? It’s been hinted at, and honestly, space Ghidorah sounds pretty awesome. 

Could we see space Ghidorah?

Maybe. It depends where the MonsterVerse wants to go from here, so to speak. Kong is King. Ghidorah is dead(?). Godzilla is elsewhere. It all comes down to where the MonsterVerse is supposed to go from here. Although the possibility of seeing Kong beatdown on some aliens? That does sound pretty awesome. We’re here for it. Bring Godzilla & Mothra along for the party along with all the other titans.

What do you think? Will aliens be next on the agenda for the MonsterVerse? Let us know in the comments. 

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