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Did Brittany Pierce's actor from Glee face backlash after a controversial tweet? Delve into what set Twitter abuzz here.

Here’s what you missed on ‘Glee’: Heather Morris is acting like Brittany

Heather Morris, the thirty-three-year-old actress who played Brittany Pierce in the Fox hit Glee, is facing backlash online after she left a controversial reply to a costar’s tweet. It started with Glee actor Kevin McHale’s retweet of a fan’s photos about Glee’s 2020 episode “A Very Glee Christmas”.  

McHale, who played Artie in Glee, retweeted the group of photos, one of which included a group shot of some characters in the episode, including Brittany. The late Mark Salling, who played Puck in the show, has a vomiting emoji covering his face in the photo. 

The emoji was edited in, likely due to Salling’s federal offense of possessing child pornography. He was found with over 55,000 images & videos of children. Some of the victims were as young as three to five years old. In Jan. 2018, Salling died of an apparent suicide soon after pleading guilty to the crime.

What got Heather Morris into trouble?

“This album goes hard tho,” McHale commented on the retweet. McHale didn’t mention anything about the vomit emoji on Salling’s face, but Morris jumped in.

“The vomit on Marks face is offensive,” she replied. After she made the comment, people on both sides started replying to her. While some of the respondents said they agreed with Morris, most of the people who read her reply didn’t feel the same way.

Limited support

There were few comments in support of what Morris said. Someone replied to Morris in agreement with her tweet.

“Mark was their friend & as messed up as his choices were, he was still a person with a family & people that loved him. Separating a person’s behavior from who they are & still loving them, despite their shortcomings, is the mature thing to do. So yes, I agree with Hemo,” the person tweeted.

Heather Morris’s Backlash

The vast majority of the replies to Morris’s tweet were people who disagreed with her statement. One Twitter user said: “being a pedophile is a bit more offensive than an emoji”. 

Plenty of other comments rolled in, including one from someone who has been a victim of the crime. “as a victim of child pornography, this is really disappointing to see from you heather,” the person tweeted.

“i know he was your friend, but he wasn’t a good person, and you have kids, i can’t believe you’re being serious rn,” someone else tweeted.

Heather Morris’s response to the backlash

After facing enormous criticism for what she said, Morris responded to how she felt regarding the comments she received. She made a statement within several different tweets.

“I don’t feel the need to ever justify something because somethings are better left unsaid,” Morris wrote. “Y’all who have lots of things to say, I get it, I UNDERSTAND you…somethings are unforgivable. But this holiday season, amongst ALL holiday seasons is INCREDIBLE hard for so many of us.”

Two other cast members lost

Two other Glee cast members have passed away. Naya Rivera, who played Santana Lopez, passed away earlier this year. Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson, passed away in 2013. Morris tweeted how it’s hard for her not to include Mark Salling in the loss as well.

“We did not loose just 2 cast members, we lost 3. And it is SO incredible tough to have to act like that 3rd one is invisible, because even though his actions are unjustifiable, he was a part of our family at one point and he was mentally SICK,” she tweeted.

More backlash

However, that wasn’t the end for Brittany Pierce from Glee’s actress? After Morris tweeted her response to the backlash, more people responded to her. Again, most of the comments were opinionated against Morris.

“i get that you’re going through a difficult time, i think we all are. but honestly nothing excuses what you said. you can love him as much as you want, just don’t go out publicly and defend him when you know exactly what he did to CHILDREN. imagine if anyone did that to your kids,” someone wrote.

McHale, who retweeted the tweet which sparked the controversy, hasn’t tweeted anything additional about the tweet and hasn’t responded to Morris’s comments.

We’re wondering if Brittany Pierce from Glee would’ve done the same thing as Heather Morris. What do you think about Morris’s comment? Let us know in the comments! 

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