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Food Network TV shows are all about the good stuff . . . food. Here are the most delicious TV shows on Food Network.

Love Food Network? Binge these scrumptious TV competition shows next

Food Network TV shows are all about the good stuff . . . food. The network gives viewers a lot of insight when it comes to learning about new recipes, restaurants to try, and the most exciting thing of all – cooking competitions. Watching chefs & bakers battle it out in the kitchen can be exciting & fun. Sometimes the shows feature seasoned chefs who know what they are doing while others feature total amateurs!

Are you ready to watch chefs throw down? Feel the heat in the kitchen for yourself and check out our picks for the Food Network competitions you should binge next. 

Cutthroat Kitchen

There is nothing typical about Cutthroat Kitchen in comparison to other cooking shows. To win this competition, chefs have to not only be excellent in the kitchen, but they also must be willing to sabotage their opponents. Anyone who thinks they are “too nice” would not be cut out to compete. Each episode begins with four chefs who make their way through three rounds trying to metaphorically knock each other out of the kitchen.

MasterChef U.S.

MasterChef U.S. is a Food Network TV show that’s all about the kids! Children with hopes & dreams of making it in the world of culinary arts compete to impress none other than Gordan Ramsay & Christina Tosi, two of the most world-renowned chefs in existence. The grand prize for winning this show is a whopping $100,000. The winner also gets to take on the title of MasterChef Junior. 

Worst Cooks in America

It’s time for cooking bootcamp with Worst Cooks in America. Expert chefs Rachael Ray & Anne Burrell work together to train some of the worst cooks they’ve ever laid eyes on. They teach the contestants tips & tricks in the kitchen to help them learn new skills. Along the way, any of the contestants who aren’t catching on quickly enough get the boot! Getting the boot means losing out on a grand prize of $25,000. 

Top Chef

Food Network TV shows like Top Chef have reached nearly two decades worth of seasons for a reason. Top Chef has eighteen seasons available for streaming so far and there is more to come. Contestants travel across California competing in various competitions for a chance to take home $125,000. The winner also earns a showcase at the annual Food & Wine Classic located in Aspen, Colorado.

Kids Baking Championship

Kids who already know how to bake at a young age are wildly impressive! Kids Baking Championship is all about giving those kids, in particular, a platform to show off what they can do. Duff Goldman & Valerie Bertinelli are the judges and they judge the kid’s baked goods based on creativity, taste, and presentation. The challenges can be as simple as a twist on peanut butter & jelly, or something way more complex. 

Guy’s Grocery Games

For twenty-four successful seasons, Guy’s Grocery Games has been a Food Network TV show to watch. The contestants are given a shopping list and sent out inside grocery shops to collect everything they can in a limited amount of time. The pressure is on with $20,000 at stake! Guy Fieri is the host of the show, hence the name, and he has a great sense of humor in every single episode.


Ever since 2009, Chopped has been the Food Network TV show that has stolen millions of hearts. Culinary skills are put to the test as four talented chefs go head-to-head creating top-notch three-course meals. They must start off with appetizers, then move onto entrees, and then finish things off with dessert. Are their dishes savory enough to help them win the competition? Ted Allen is the host.

Cake Wars

You can’t go wrong with a show as fun as Cake Wars. Bakers join in on the fun competing against each other to create brilliant concoctions of sweet perfection. The prize is a nice $10,000 that no one wants to miss out on. They must bake cakes that fit into the proper theme for events such as birthday parties, bachelor parties, anniversaries, and more.

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