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Making dinner tonight? Work up an insatiable appetite with these tasty, relatable food memes taken from the best food Twitter accounts.

Satisfy your insatiable hunger with these memes dedicated to food

Ah, food: the great equalizer. Anyone who’s dreaded a family gathering or a dinner meeting with bosses can tell you there’s nothing better than having food to relate to your unchosen community with. Even if your values don’t line up with some people, we all need the sweet sweet nourishment of food.

Everybody needs food, so unlike cutty inside joke memes, everyone can relate to the world of food memes. From dieting to restaurant culture, food memes span the whole eating experience. We’ve dug through the web’s dieting pages, food blogs, and recipe sites to find our favorite food memes to get your appetite going. When’s dinner time?

Eating out

When it comes to dining out, it’s been ages since there’s been a more complicated year than 2020. 

Amid restrictions meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus since March 2020, restaurants have built outdoor dining areas, upped their take-out game, and even constructed pods straight out of Bubble Boy. Restaurants stepped it up because they know there’s nothing like the feeling of seeing your food finally head to your table.

Sometimes though, we jump the gun. Ever been staring at the kitchen’s swinging doors in a restaurant hoping it’s your turn? This cut from Twitter’s food memes captures these moments perfectly.

Then, when our food comes, it’s hard to hold back. Remember, you’re in public not in front of the TV – people can see you (remember to breathe).

Eating in

Yes, there’s nothing like finding the perfect content to stare at while you shovel in take-out, throwing mindfulness to the wind (if it’s so bad for you, why does it feel so good?). However, this meme captures the struggle when we can’t pace ourselves.

One of the best parts of eating in is getting to doctor our food to our own liking. If you’re cooking at home, remember, the recipe is just a jumping off point, and there’s no such thing as too much garlic.

Healthy eating

Trying to eat healthy is a struggle nearly everyone shares. This cut from Twitter’s food memes perfectly describes how we lie to ourselves (and how good it can feel).

Sometimes we try to set ourselves for success so we don’t reach for the bag of chips when we’re trying to eat at home. Unfortunately, as this meme shows, even the best preparation can end in failure.

What’s a harder thing to resist when eating healthy than bread? We applaud you, keto warriors; for us, garlic bread is a way of life.

Secret recipe

For some people, cooking at home isn’t as easy as it looks. This cut from Twitter’s food memes shows what the little Ramsay in our heads says when we’re winging a pork chop recipe for the first time.

Finally, we leave you with one of Twitter’s food memes emphasizing the importance of thinking outside of the box in the kitchen. When the stove runs out of gas, it’s time to improvise.

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