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If you’re looking for Food Network shows recommended by us, then you've come to the right place. Here are our favorite series to check out.

Need comfort food for the soul? All the best Food Network shows

Ah, the Food Network. A staple if you want something to both rile you up and calm your nerves simultaneously. The Food Network shows are in a category of their own with a dedicated base of fans and something to throw on when no one can agree on what to watch on the television. But which Food Network shows are the perfect ones to watch? 

If you’re looking for Food Network shows recommended by Film Daily, then you’re reading the right article. Here are some of our favorite series that are available to check out on the Food Network. 

I Hart Food

Hannah Hart may have become YouTube famous by getting smashed and then attempting to cook, but her Food Network series has her stone-cold sober. In I Hart Food, Hart travels to different cities and learns their iconic foods. She then tries to recreate them at home. 

It sounds like a standard Food Network fare, but Hart is a great host. She’s charming, personable, and, after years on YouTube, still feels like a friend talking to you which makes tackling the recipes less of a daunting prospect. 

The Best Thing I Ever Ate

We all have that one food from that one place that we think outclasses every single food in existence. In The Best Thing I Ever Ate, some of Food Network’s biggest stars share their favorite dishes from all over the place. From comfort food to desserts, this six-season television series has become an unofficial food guide. 

Also, there’s just something so fun about how excited they all get when they actually get to eat the food that they’ve been talking about. It makes us hungry just thinking about it.


Chopped is a long-running Food Network staple that will probably outlast us all. Hosted by Ted Allen of OG Queer Eye fame, this competition series pits four chefs against each other. They have to make a three-course meal using baskets of mystery ingredients. The weakest dish gets “chopped” via a panel of three expert judges until one chef can claim the $10,000 USD prize.

Chopped has had a lot of iterations over the years, including being spun-off into Chopped Junior which focus on kids/teen chefs. It’s amazing to see how creative (or not) people can be on the fly. Plus the drinking game will get you good and drunk if you need to get inebriated in a hurry. 

Good Eats

Alton Brown is the Food Network mainstay, hosting about a dozen different series. Good Eats is his fondest remembered series. Brown has described it as a Julia Child meet Monty Python series, which makes so much sense upon a rewatch. 

Good Eats combines classic recipes with some science fact and zippy humor. It’s the perfect comfort food series about food.

While the original series ran about a dozen seasons on Food Network, Brown is in the midst of rebooting it for the web. So it’s the perfect time to get acquainted with the original run. Though if you prefer Chaotic Evil to Chaotic Good, then go watch Cutthroat Kitchen.

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