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Mercury is back in retrograde for Halloween! Find out your fire sign horoscope for October 2020.

What does October 2020 hold for you? Read your fire sign horoscope

Are you wondering what the stars have in store for you? With the help of AstroTwins Tali & Ophira Edut, we can help you prepare for October. 

The AstroTwins live in Detroit and publish their own magazine, HUES. They successfully provide horoscopes for multiple media outlets, including Elle, Refinery29, and MindBodyGreen. The Edut twins believe that learning astrology “can help people quickly distinguish their direction and path.” 

This month, a lot of bumpy planetary movements are going on. Along with a Martian retrograde for the entire month, we have two full moons in October, a tough new moon opposing Mars and squaring some badly-placed planets in Capricorn, and the infamous Mercury retrograde is back! 

Tidbits of wisdom

Also, one more note. AstroTwins’s horoscopes talk a lot about houses, which have nothing to do with your sun sign. Houses are determined by your rising sign which is determined by your time & place of birth as well as your birthday. If you know your time of birth, hop on to a birth chart calculator, enter your day, time and place, of birth, and find out! 

If you don’t know your birth time, we still have some treats & tidbits of wisdom for you based on your sun sign! These are the horoscopes for energetic, passionate fire signs! You are in for some rough times this month since the fiery planet Mars is retrograde in Aries all month, building up your energy. Mercury retrograde really isn’t touching you until it moves into Libra (sorry, Leos, you’re the unlucky exception). 

Aries ♈🐏

Thanks to Mars & Pluto, this is a tough month for people born in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), and you are no exception. With Mars moving retrograde on your sun, you could find a time this month when you are a little more explosive than usual. When that happens depends on when exactly your birthday is. The earlier your birthday, the later in the month you’ll experience this energy

According to AstroTwins, this is a good time to put your passions into reality from the 1st of October. Thanks to the full moon in your sign on this day, this is a great time to put your passions to use.  Also according to AstroTwins, Pluto turning directly into productive Capricorn on the 4th can give you a transformative work boost. This is especially true if you have Aries rising, since Pluto is in your career zone. 

Martian retrograde is underway this entire month in your sign. Watch out for wonky energy this month. Although Mercury retrograde starts in Scorpio, it opposes your sun in retrograde, so you may find the last week of the month full of communication issues. 

Leo ♌🦁

Both Leo suns & risings love to be the center of attention, which makes Libra season good news for you! For Leo risings, Libra is highlighting your social calendar in your third house of communication & social events. Even Leo suns will have opportunities to shine as Libra meets up with your sun to create opportunities. 

Per AstroTwins, Pluto going direct will let you conquer your “wellness and organization” zone. This means less stress and more relaxation. You’ve probably spent the last five months in quarantine ruminating over your daily routine being a mess, especially Leo risings. Now is the time to get back on track and settle into your new routine. 

The bad news comes with Mercury retrograde squaring many of your suns, leading to more communication breakdowns than usual. For Leo risings, these breakdowns will happen at home with family. However, the Halloween full moon will illuminate your career and give Leo suns an opportunity to rise to a new challenge

Sagittarius ♐🏹

For Sag risings, October is often the month where your social calendar fills up. It’s time to be a team player, especially at the beginning of this month when the full moon gives you a creativity boost. The group needs your input, so share your wild ideas!

Mercury retrograde is going to make communication especially confusing for you. Per AstroTwins, it’s passing through your twelfth house of the subconscious, so be sure to do a reality check before reacting. 

When Mercury moves back into Libra, it will give Sag suns, especially those born in the middle of December, a chance to be creative. Martian retrograde will also give all of you a creative boost, as the energetic planet harmonizes with your sun this month.

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