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October 2020 will offer some bumpy planetary movements. Find out what your earth sign horoscope says about you.

What does October 2020 hold for you? Read your earth sign horoscope

Are you wondering what the stars have in store for you? With the help of AstroTwins Tali & Ophira Edut, we can help you prepare for October. 

The AstroTwins live in Detroit and publish their own magazine, HUES. They successfully provide horoscopes for multiple media outlets, including Elle, Refinery29, and MindBodyGreen. The Edut twins believe that learning astrology “can help people quickly distinguish their direction and path.” 

This month, a lot of bumpy planetary movements are going on. Along with a Martian retrograde for the entire month, we have two full moons in October, a tough new moon opposing Mars and squaring some badly-placed planets in Capricorn, and the infamous Mercury retrograde is back! 

Determining earth signs

Also, one more note. AstroTwins’s horoscopes talk a lot about houses, which have nothing to do with your sun sign. Houses are determined by your rising sign which is determined by your time & place of birth as well as your birthday. If you know your time of birth, hop on to a birth chart calculator, enter your day, time and place, of birth, and find out! 

If not, we still have some treats & tidbits of wisdom for you based on your sun sign! These are the earth signs – hard working, practical, and determined. For you, the big planets in Capricorn have been mostly nice earth suns, either harmonizing with your goals or giving you that extra push to get organized. With your stability and strong work ethic, earth signs, you can do it! 

Taurus ♉🐮

AstroTwins has a special message for Taurus risings about this month. The sun in Libra is shining on your sixth house, which means your house of “health, organization and systems” is full speed ahead. Goals is the name of the game! However, a full moon in Aries (and therefore in your 12th house of the subconscious) can bring you some interesting dreams in the beginning of this month. 

For Taurus suns, Mercury will oppose your sun in Scorpio during this retrograde, so be wary of miscommunications, especially around finances. AstroTwins also highlights the full moon in Taurus at the end of the month as a time where you need “treats, not tricks”, especially since it will be right on Uranus, the planet of sudden surprises and innovation. 

Uranus is a slow-moving planet. Currently, it’s in Taurus which is affecting Taureans over the next seven years. Uranus has finished going over the suns of April Tauruses and is moving on to May bulls. During this transit, April Tauruses may have experienced shake ups to their sense of self. After this year, it’s May Taurus’s turn! 

Virgo ♍👩

Virgo risings are going to see their money issues highlighted this month, showing you ways to iron out your checkbook. Since you’re a meticulous sign, you can rise to any occasion that requires diligence and a detail-oriented streak. 

For Virgo suns, AstroTwins warns that “tricks and treats” will head your way thanks to Mercury retrograde. Where there is danger, there is opportunity, as Mercury will connect with your sun to highlight how to solve communication issues. As that happens, observe! Hold your criticism until you have all the facts! 

Tricks & treats

The good news for Virgos is that this month holds more treats than tricks. Pluto direct is freeing up your romance zone after five months of restructuring. For Virgo suns born in the middle of September, Pluto going direct is giving you the harmony you need to spice up your love life long term! 

The Halloween full moon will bring some unexpected surprises and a-ha moments. It’s a great time to learn and travel, even if you’re only travelling from your bed to your couch to binge Halloween movies! 

Capricorn ♑🐐

Hoo boy, this year has been challenging! With all those big planets in your sign, you’ve had a lot of changes thrown at you this year. Thankfully, when Pluto turns direct, things will get easier, especially for those of you born in the middle of January. The end of this month could be bumpy for those Capricorns, as Mercury enters Libra and clashes with your sun. 

Per AstroTwins, Libra season spotlights your career for all of you Capricorn risings! Make the most of your job (or job search) this month until the sun moves into your social zone later this month. 

Teamwork and social outings will take a hit for Capricorn risings. Halloween could bring you an unexpected creative boost or an aha moment. It will especially help those Capricorn suns born around New Years’ Eve, creating unexpected opportunities for them to shine. You’re an ambitious sign, so you will rise to the challenge!

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