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BTS Army, here are the horoscopes of the four youngest members of BTS. Check out what BTS birthdays have in store. Be sure to read part one!

We used BTS’s birthdays to figure out their birth charts: Part two

Part 2! BTS army fans, prepare for more of an infodump about your favorite BTS members’ natal charts. 

Part 1 gives a great explanation for what to expect when reading a natal chart. We’re doing a deep dive that goes beyond BTS’s sun signs and looks into what the stars say makes them them. Here are the youngest four BTS members’ charts. This is what the stars say they have in store! 

Kim Nam-joon – September 12, 1994♍♐

Of all the BTS members, Kim Nam-joon, the Rap Monster (RM), is obviously the most dedicated & intense. With a Virgo sun, he can get the job done (Virgos are known for diligence & perfectionism), and with all that Scorpio energy in Nam-joon’s birth chart, he can get it done with the intensity of a rolling ocean in a hurricane!

Nam-joon has three planets in Scorpio and his North Node, the point in a chart that reveals one’s destiny. Scorpios, or people with a lot of Scorpio placements, are said to be mysterious, intense, and have a bit of a tough streak, especially when crossed! 

His Mercury being in Virgo contributes to his ability to break out rhymes like nobody’s business. Mercury in Virgo is at home and exalted, meaning it’s super powerful here. Mercury in Virgo makes communication precise and it’s often found in the charts of writers. 

For all his serious Virgo & Scorpio energy, he has a playful side. His moon in Sagittarius makes him crave freedom – not wanting to get tied down. 

Jimin – October 13, 1995 ♎♊

With a Libra sun & Mercury, we think Jimin is the peacekeeper backstage. Libras love harmony and hate seeing their friends fight. Represented by “the scales”, they need balance & peace in order to thrive, so they create it by being diplomats. They speak in very flowery terms, which can make them charming. Unfortunately, their need to keep the peace and be friends with everyone can make them seem flaky or insincere. 

Jimin’s passions are very intense though – look at his Venus & Mars (both his love planets) in Scorpio! However, with a Gemini moon, his emotions can be one way one minute and the opposite the next. His Mars is also close to his Pluto, giving him an extra intense side. Those dance routines possibly give him an outlet for his passion. 

Taehyung – December 30, 1995 ♑♈

Of the BTS members, Kim Taehyung, or V, is the most ambitious. He has not three, not four, but five planets in Capricorn, the sign with the most ambition & drive to succeed. Taehyung loves to prove himself, and with his Mars exalted in Capricorn, he can direct his stores of energy into getting the job done & finding great success. 

His moon in Aries gives him a lot of emotional passion, which can give him a fiery temper. The good news is that he can (and needs) to learn to harness that energy. Taehyung has something called a T-square in his chart, which is a hard group of aspects forming a right triangle in his chart. People with T-squares have hard childhoods, but the adversity makes them grow. 

His T-square is made up of his moon in Aries – opposite Chiron in Libra (this points to a lot of painful give-and-take when he was younger), squaring his Mars, Neptune, and Mercury all snuggling next to each other in Capricorn. 

This relationship between planets means that through communication, artistic passion, and energy, Taehyung can be successful in life and learn to relate to other people while honoring himself & his emotions through his creative work & communications. We think it’s safe to say BTS is a great endeavor for him and he should continue his creative work for years to come. 

Jungkook – September 1, 1997 ♍♌

Finally, the youngest member of BTS has the most to prove, but he’s up to the task. His sun & Mercury in Virgo make him an excellent communicator like his fellow BTS member, Nan-joon. However, he has a softer side. 

With a Leo moon, we can see him being the “class clown” of BTS, as Leos & people with Leo placements love to perform and make people smile. His Venus in Libra gives him a polite side, and he likes people with refined & sophisticated manners. His Venus opposite Saturn can also suggest that he gets along well with older people. 

However, you don’t want to mess with him! That Mars in Scorpio is not to be trifled with – Mars in Scorpio people can become really angry & bent on revenge when provoked. With the rest of his chart, this screams beware the nice ones! 

How did we do? Based on the birth charts of BTS, which member do you think you’d be most compatible with? Do you believe in astrology? Let us know in the comments! 

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