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Who doesn’t love a bit of frisky frigging? Sex sells, though some may be upset by it. Here are some of Film Daily's favorite fingering film scenes.

Finger fling: The best film fingerbangs

Who doesn’t love a bit of frisky frigging? Sex may sell to TV & film audiences but some conservative types get upset by a bit of light abrasion on the old tickler. Here at Wayward, we’re on a mission to foreground our favorite foreplay. Here are some of our favorite fingering film scenes.


If you were a teenager the first time you saw Reese Witherspoon get fingered by her soon-to-be-revealed-as-a-raging-psycho boyfriend (Mark Wahlberg), it was probably a Very Big Deal. Viewed through the jaded eyes of adulthood, the sexual climax at the top of a rollercoaster is eye-rollingly clichéd, but it still rates as one of the most epic fingerbang scenes ever.


The Thai film Fingering is about . . . well, it’s one woman’s journey into learning how to give her tomboi girlfriend sweet, satisfying finger love. Despite being well aware of what the 2013 film was about based on the title, some viewers were outraged.

“What does this movie want to convey?” asked online commenter Ploy Swip. Just the read the title, people.

Blue is the Warmest Color

2013 seemed to be the year for controversial sex in film. In addition to Fingering, we got Blue is the Warmest Color, a film that generated a huge buzz long before its limited release in theaters. The explicit scene between Adèle Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydoux caused further controversy when Seydoux dissed director Abdellatif Kechiche in an interview with the Daily Beast.

“Most people don’t even dare to ask the things that he did, and they’re more respectful – you get reassured during sex scenes, and they’re choreographed, which desexualizes the act,” she said.

Exarchopoulos continued her tirade two months later when speaking to the Huffington Post.

“Of course it was kind of humiliating sometimes, I was feeling like a prostitute,” Seydoux said. “Of course, he uses that sometimes. He was using three cameras, and when you have to fake your orgasm for six hours . . . . I can’t say that it was nothing. But for me it is more difficult to show my feelings than my body.”

According to Gala Magazine, Kechiche fired back at a press event for the film. “How indecent to talk about pain when doing one of the best jobs in the world,” he said.

American Horror Story: Freak Show

Only AHS could get by with a plot that centers around a freak show character whose hands are made for fingering. That’s what audiences found in Jimmy Darling (chameleon actor Evan Peters) – a darling with the horny housewives who hire him to pleasure them. Like everything else in AHS, his introduction to the show was deliciously uncomfortable to watch, but we just couldn’t turn away.


As Violet and Corky, Jennifer Tilly & Gina Gershon needed nothing more than an unmade mattress and a box spring as the setting in order to get viewers all hot and bothered.

In an interview with Vulture, Tilley explained they ended up with the iconic scene when they had to reshoot the original one, because the MPAA had slapped the film with an NC-17 rating. (Apparently, anything that realistically depicts a lesbian handjob is a no-no.)

“The makeup person had sprayed us with sweat, so it looked like we were really going at it. It was sort of more graphic,” Tilly explained.

“And in this take, I was down on her, so my breasts were touching her breasts. I felt like it was ten times more graphic than the take that we wanted to use, but apparently, because you miss the hand, it was like, you missed the hand but you gained a breast. But because you miss the hand, the MPAA said it was all right.”  


In a 2011 interview with SheKnows, we found out that Angelina Jolie struggled with telling her In the Land of Blood and Honey cast to shed their clothes and get freaky because she sometimes “felt misrepresented” when asked to do the same. Despite any misgivings, she’s had quite a history of doing the dirty onscreen – with both male and female costars.

Although you’d be remiss in labeling the slow, sweet lovemaking that happened between Angelina Jolie and costar Elizabeth Mitchell in Gia as anything as brutish as a “fingerbang,” it made our hearts – and other places – melt so hard.

The Story of O

This film (and the 1954 novel on which it’s based) could qualify for a best-of list involving any form of banging. The story is about a woman simply known as O (Corrine Cléry) who is trained to be constantly at the ready for any type of intercourse her master desires. If you thought Fifty Shades of Grey was groundbreaking in its sexy onscreen S&M, you poor thing – you’ve missed out for all these years!

The L Word

Our fingerbang list has been heavy on lesbian films and series because let’s face it, girls who love girls are adept at finding a multitude of ways to elicit pleasure in their lovers. Through six seasons, fans watched the women of The L Word pleasure each other in every way imaginable – including with their fingers. There are simply too many scenes to list, so we’ll just ask you to check out the show. Whether it was longtime couple Bette (Jennifer Beals) and Tina (Laurel Holloman), not-so-innocent waif Jenny (Mia Kirshner) and seductive Marina (Karina Lombard), or playboi Shane (Katherine Moennig) and, uh, pretty much everyone else, it was sexy fun watching these ladies live and love so passionately.

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